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Canadian looking for advice

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Bubbalouie, May 1, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a 54 yr old Canadian guy making my first trip to Australia this October and I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some riding ideas about places to go. I will be renting a BMW650 in Sydney for 3 weeks and can put in 6-7 hours/day touring. I understand riding the Victoria high country is a must-do. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Yep, Vic High Country is great (although probably not as high as you are use to) as is the Snowies south of Sydney, Great Ocean Road should also be on your hit list if you're traveling south - so many roads, so little time. Put the word out closer to the time and you'll probably get some locals to show you around their patch, depending on what you like - tight twisty roads or flat open plains, we've got it all.
  3. Tasmania is a must, a beautiful place and great bike riding. You can get a ferry from the mainland, take the overnight run and that gets you to Tassie early to start the trip the next day. Make it about 6 - 10 days for the Tassie leg of the trip.

    In Victoria there are a few signature roads, The Bonang Hwy is over 100km of continuous twist roads. The Mitta Mitta run is a good run. A section know here as the Awesome Loop. The Whitfield - Jamieson - Eildon run is a popular twisty run.

    Say hello when you get here and you should be able to tag on to one of the weekend rides that are run most weeks.
  4. Does that mean you are from Canadia?
  5. Nice roads in Gippsland and you can get down to Wilsons Prom, which is pretty special.
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  6. Riding south from Sydney, you'd want to take the coastal route unless you are in a hurry - the Hume Fwy/Hwy (M31) is soul destroying. The Princes Hwy (A1) is very scenic and more leisurely. It mostly goes through towns rather than bypassing them. Just be aware it gets more than it's fair share of grey nomads.

    Some of my favourites down this way:

    The ride from Cobargo to Tathra via Bermagui is lovely.

    From the coast to Corryong

    Elliot Way, Snowy Mtns Hwy
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  7. See the thread by Mouth : motorcycle rides and routes. Think this has a good summary of maps and things to do/ watch out for.
  8. X 2 for Elliot Way, excellent roads, looks like you'll need 3 weeks one way - could you drop the bike off in Melbourne?
  9. <insert obligatory drop-bear post here>
  10. Hear ya go
    Beware all ye who pass by here
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  11. wow, thank you so much for all the information on this thread....lots to research for sure!!

    i have the option to drop the bike off in melbourne at Garner's but that would mean i need to get back to Sydney somehow to catch my flight home

    i really appreciate everyone's responses here...can hardly wait to check these places more in depth. :)
  12. One word - Tasmania
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  13. Do Tassie, drop the bike in Melbourne, fly back to Sydney, I think they have one of those Cessna things going back and forth a couple of times a week(y)(y), that will free up another couple of days and about 1000kms.
  14. Yes as Rus Ler says, Melbourne - Sydney is one of the most congested flight routes in the world so flights are cheap and plentiful. The Skybus will take you from the city to the airport and leaves from one of the main rail stations Southern Cross Station. Southern Cross is a quick tram ride from Garners in North Melbourne.
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  15. Here's a tourist map thats been put together BubbalouieBubbalouie - I hope it's useful, also a weather forecast for October (y)(y)

    (Just a heads up, Tasmania is our equivalent of Newfoundland, that might explain a bit when you get there, also the comedian doing the weather report is portraying one of our notorious criminals Mark "Chopper" Reid)
  16. who is Sylvia and why is she feared?
  17. Bogan chicks can be dangerous!
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  18. It seems the southern states and roads are very well represented in this Thread, so I'll do my bit for further 'up North' ;-)

    If you are going to depart from Syd;
    Have a look at all the coastal roads from Sydney, through the National Park to Wooloongong, ShellHarbour & Kiama. There you have sections of roads entirely OVER the sea, perched on bridges and stilts on the cliffs. Very impressive.
    A little more inland in the Kiama area you have Kangaroo Pass / Kangaroo Valley, The Large Potatoe (which really looks like a large shit) at Robertson NSW.

    If you want to leave Syd and head northwards go inland a bit to PUTTY RD to Singleton, Gresford & Dungog (make sure you take in Stroud Hill Road - deliciously twisty. no boys in blue or traffic).
    Take in Bucketts Way from Dungog to Glouster and further on to Thunderbolts way to Walcha. More twisties! :D
    You can either do Walcha to Port MacQuarie along Oxley Hwy - 300+ corners and a lovely rest stop at Ginger's Creek.

    Further north still you can do Armidale Road, Armidate to Grafton. There are so many roads that are just marvelous up north (in less cold than the southern states - not that you would feel it!).

    Having said this prob the best thing to do is to get yourself a copy of the Australian Motorcycle Atlas - where it is pretty informative and good for planning https://www.hemamaps.com.au/en/Buy/Books and Atlases/Australia-Motorcycle-Atlas-plus-200-Top-Rides

    If you want to see some photos of the places described above - see [May 2, 2016] Gold Coast -> NSW -> ACT -> VIC Ride (March 2016) (Qld)

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  19. Ah yes, in discussing our dangerous fauna, the drop bear, thyloarctos plummetus (formerly ursus gravitus,) often gets overlooked. Australian Museums Fact Sheet attached.
    Drop Bear - Australian Museum
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