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Canadian in Melbourne just got my L's!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by calgarychris, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    The thread title sums it up - I just got my L last weekend and my wife's going for hers this weekend. She's looking to commute, I've never pictured myself riding, so it's unknown territory for me. I definitely won't be commuting, but perhaps evening (when I'm ready) and weekend rides.

    We did the 2 day Honda Hart program on VTR250's - we both thought the bike was pretty good and from what I've read, it seems like it's a decent one? Looking to get all the gear and one bike shortly, with another bike likely to follow a few weeks after that.

    One question - I like the look of some of the cruisers, but my instructor suggested I stick with something like the VTR as otherwise you don't work on your posture (and the turning is slightly different?)? Any thoughts on that? I liked the VTR but have also heard people recommend the CBR400 - plan to get out and sit on a few bikes hopefully this weekend.

    Anyway, hope to learn a lot - thanks!

  2. I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, welcome aboard.
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  4. first things first...

    here we don't drive on the french side of the road......
  5. second thing... welcome to NR... head on down to the learner session at elwood on saturday morning.. it's not a bad spot to get tips and you'll often find people who will let you sit on the various learner bikes to try them out for size
  6. Yes.. your instructor is right.. the cruisers are vastly different to VTR's.. hes a quick one that bloke.. and yes.. you ride / control them differently.. but in the end.. no matter what you learn on.. if you switch styles.. you are going to have to learn the other style as well.. so dont discount cruisers as a first bike.. im sure theres a few people who will back me up.. and a few who will shoot me down .. but hey.. its the internet. :)

  7. and here i was thinking it was mardis gras....
  8. Fair enuff too.. its easily confused sometimes ;)
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  9. Welcome Buddy,

    Who's your favorite hockey team guy? Mine's the canucks. Leafs suck.
  10. Senators FTW!
  11. Thanks for the tip on Elwood trd2000, I'll head down there. This weekend I'm going to pop into a couple of the shops around town just to see what's in them...

    Favourite team is the Canadiens I'm afraid. Childhood decision...
  12. CANUCKS MOTHAfcukA !

    Also welcome bud....and I think people might have been suggesting you get the cb400 as opposed to the cbr400....as the cbr400 is a grey import to my knowledge....rare as all hell
  13. While it's true that cruisers are different from other types of bikes, suggesting that getting one means you don't work on your posture is not entirely true unless you're lazy and "just sit on it", like some do. I got my L's on a CBR125, spent 4 months on a cruiser, then went back to do my licence test on another CBR. The instructor commented that I had excellent posture, and used me as an example to the rest of the group when demonstrating correct countersteering technique, head-turning, positioning etc.

    Long story short, you can still practice all that stuff on a cruiser and transfer it to anything you ride.

    Obviously, there's a point where that doesn't apply any more - you're never going to get your knee down on a cruiser for example (well, you might but you're not going to WANT to) - but for the purposes of getting the basics sorted, if cruising is what you want to do, then a cruiser is perfectly adequate for learning on.
  14. Hey thanks for the tips - went out onto Elizabeth today and checked out a few of the shops. Had a sit on the CB400 (and yes, apologies, that's the one that was recommended) - nice but since I have to buy two bikes, it's probably out of my price range, new anyways. Also looked at the CBR250 which I thought was alright, in spite of my preference for naked. The Yamaha FZ6R seemed a little pricier, however the guy said it's cheap to get it "un-LAM'd" (~$200) so that's a potential as well. Finally, checked out the CFMoto 650NK but it seems too tall for me and the build quality worries me.

    So, day 1 of shopping done, nothing bought but it was nice to look at some of this stuff!
  15. o dear that leads to the dont buy a new bike to learn on discussions, and
    dont buy a small bike as you will hate in a few weeks but love it for a week.
    and ...
  16. welcome aboard, get as much practise as you can, alot of people here will help you along. Do things at your pace!!
  17. From one Canadian to another, Bonjour mon ami!

    Where abouts in Canada are you from? T dot here!

    Welcome to NR!

    Go Leafs Go!
  18. Bonjour! I'm originally from Ottawa but lived my last 8yrs in Calgary. Been in Melbourne for 3 1/2yrs now.

    Thanks for the welcome guys - my biggest problem now is getting out to get a bike (and the gear). Are none of the shops open on Sundays?!? Seems my weekends are always way too busy.

  19. Nope, they're all out riding on Sundays :D
  20. helmets are required here by law.

    so no more riding around in your racoon tail hat sorry.