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Canada Introduces $10,000 Speeding Ticket

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CamKawa, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Canada Introduces $10,000 Speeding Ticket

    Ontario, Canada applies street racing penalties to motorists who are not racing anybody.

    Ontario, Canada Premier Dalton McGuinty today announced that being caught driving 50km/h (31 MPH) over the speed limit will automatically trigger "street racing" penalties -- even if the accused motorist is driving alone on an otherwise empty road. The change in definition will, in effect, turn ordinary speeding into an offense that can carry a $10,000 (US $9305) fine and up to six months in jail, making it one of the most expensive traffic tickets in North America.

    "If you choose to break the law, we consider you a threat to our public safety and you're going to face stiff penalties," McGuinty said in a statement.

    In June, McGuinty cited the importance of combating the "organized crime" of street racing as he urged passage of the Safer Roads for a Safer Ontario Act which created the $10,000 penalty. The change in definition also means that the word of a police officer is all that it takes to confiscate a car and driver's license for at least seven days.

    "There is no appeal from, or right to be heard before, a vehicle detention, driver's license suspension or vehicle impoundment under [the street racing] subsection," the Safer Roads Act states.

    McGuinty also announced a proposal to hire 55 new traffic police officers and purchase a high-tech surveillance airplane in an attempt to rack up several of the expensive new fines.

  2. Thank God you don't live in Finland; there fines are tied to your wages!!! A senior Nokia exec was nearly put out of business when he had to pay a speeding fine!
  3. Having fines tied to wages would suit me. Working in IT only earn about half a bowl of rice a day while being whipped by management and abused by fellow staff. The steepest fine for me then would only be equal to about $1.26. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. Anyone know what a plane would cost and how much an hour to run? I wonder how many tickets per hour they'd have to issue to breakeven.
  5. No idea, but you can bet they'll do it :(.
  6. Light aircraft come in at about $250 per hour. Cheap enough if they up the fees.
  7. That suits me, I have a good accountant and am self employed, I don't earn anything!
  8. yeah, 116,000 Euros for doing 25km/h over the limit.
    theres probably a minum fine level, but it makes it sound like if youre poor you can speed heaps and barely get fined.
  9. they suggested that in Australia a while back, though they would never introduc it as it would kill of the revenue from the bogan populace
  10. That is sooo retarded..
  11. That's why demerit points are so valuable. For a person who money is no object to, the points hurt em everytime :LOL: