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Can your bike do this?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Quivorir, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. That looks pretty damn impressive!
  2. That looks sick as :) pretty scary that you don't need a license for it though, I personally think tehy should change that. Many lives can be effected from just one death and I don't think insurance companies will like this either XD

    Neat idea just needs a license. not a pilots ones just something that not any joe blow with a couple hundred grand lying around can get or even borrow money from the back in order to do so. lol I can't believe I just talked like that. What is this my brain is doing? help me.
  3. what, like the european cars we already have on the road?

    IMO fuck the regulations. let the idiots kill themselves. i won't spill tears in my coffee, noone else should either
  4. From my limited understanding, the basic idea behind aviation licensing is that you can kill yourself, but noone else. An excellent principle.
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  5. Sounds good to me.
  6. Sounds excellent, wouldn't this classify as an ultralight?
  7. Just looking for some $$$ I doubt thsi wil ever get "off the ground"

    still has a ways to go !

    of course looking in the comments we see an assortment of morons....

    at least this guy has a sense of humour

  8. thats pretty sick, i'd imagine there would be so much crap being blown around, especially asbestos dust from peoples brakes..
  9. Looks fun....but I seriously doubt that it would have the thrust to get to 3000metres. Three kilometers up is a long way up.

  10. Wonder if it requires learning the equivalent of an eskimo roll on a kayak for when you find yourself pointing the wrong way up.
  11. I'd imagine the extra downward force of the fan...now pointing upward, will see you fall faster with addition of gravity.
  12. The stats look good, 295kg of thrust is plenty to defy gravity unless your a fat ****

  13. It can't wheelie. What is the point?
  14. If it can make it to one metre up, it should be able to make 3k - the principle is exactly the same. The limit is how much air there is to push.

    I swear I'm getting some dejavu about this too.
  16. Crank power to the front prop for a split second. Airwheelie like a boss.

    Then go backwards.

  17. Well, not quite. You've got lower air density to deal with, meaning lower engine power (its a bmw R1200 donk IIRC) and lower thrust through the rotors.

    Plus at 1m you have in ground effects boosting lift, though I'd imagine for this machine that would be counteracted by recirculation of air through the rotors.

    Came up about twelve months ago. Dissapointing to see he hasn't progressed to untethered flight yet.
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  18. Not really. A meter off the ground and you're getting thrust off the ground which is much harder than air. Also, the higher you go the thinner the air is which means you need even more thrust. Compare the size of the blades on a small gyro copter to the blades on this hover bike.
    Scam ....
  19. Hi Guys,
    Here's a project I need some help with.
    It's a jet powered 1981 Suzuki TS185 Jet Bike and I plan to break the world motorcycle land speed record on it.
    In theory, it should be capable of travelling at 3000 KPH.
    I desperately need donations to get my dream off the ground. Around One Million dollars should do it.
    Cash and all major credit cards accepted.