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Can you use a power commander to restrict a bike's HP

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Arik, May 17, 2007.

  1. Probably going to get flamed for even asking.

    But could you use a PCIII to detune or restrict a litre bike down to say 100 ponies at the rear wheel, just whilst you were acclimitising to the larger bike's power for a few months?

    Is there like a 'running in' map to restrict the revs or summit?

    Please don't just tell me to get a 600, they dont fit me well.
    And yes I know you can control revs by using the right hand properly
    The bike I am looking at has a PCIII already, so it would be handy if there was a software limiter I could use.


  2. they dont realy work like that, a pc plays with the fueling - either adding more or taking it away through the rev range to give you a relatively flat fuel air ratio.

    i suppose you could push the fuling all the way up (that would certainly restrict it) but it would run like a dog and have terrible fuel economy.

    there are other options to restrict the bike, but the only guarenteed one is less throttle mate
  3. Cheers,

    I suppose one option is putting the stock exhaust back on and removing the power commander...

    but that sound :LOL:
  4. If a PowerCommander plays with the fueling why couldn't you have a map that allows a much smaller amount of fuel to be delivered hence decreasing the power? Or would it run to lean and need to change the airbox?
  5. why woudl you wnat to retrict it
    its all part of breaking in process
    just get used to the power
  6. Not to break the bike in - it has 9000ks
    To break me in!
  7. thats wat i was referring to
  8. If it has an adjustable rev limiter then just set it lower.
  9. The new guy wrote

    :LOL: :grin: :LOL:

    Yes, I will spend a lot of time getting nowhere near using all the power I'm sure.

    Never heard of an adjustable rev limiter before Cammo - which bikes have them? Are they usually just for running in?
  10. I would leave it as. Just don't let the RPM travel over a certain amount as those bikes only make that ridiculous power close to redline, and not so much right down low. So just short shift below the meat of the power curve.
  11. Thanks for the replies,
    I hoped the PCIII had a rev limiter built in though.
  12. they don't

    pc's are an aftermarket piggy back fuel management system
    nothing else
  13. Yeah I agree with nightgash, just shift up earlier while you're getting used to the power. This is pretty much what I did while getting used to mine and now I find myself using more and more revs. Still haven't got it to the redline though :shock: