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Can you train in a different state?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, May 10, 2012.

  1. My g/f livsin Adelaide but may be coming up to live with me in Brisbane for a while. I am encouraging her to get her bike licence - or at least give it a go.

    This made me think though.

    She has a car licence in South Australia - would she be able to get a learners etc for a bike licence here in Qld ? She'd be here for at least a few months....

    Alternatively - if she got her learners ticket in S.A. would she be able to use that up here to continue her learning ?

    Really interested to know please.
  2. might be an idea to contact local road authorities. Think she should get the learners no probs in QLD seeing as we all start with nuthin before the learners..
  3. to GET her permit here, she'd need to transfer to qld license
    and yeah, if she gets her SA permit it's still valid up here but she needs an escort as per qld law
  4. I don't believe that is the case. There is quite a difference between the SA L system, which requires some training, and the Qld L's system.
    She'd need to ride according to her license requirements/restrictions which don't require a supervisor. She'd possibly get booked but on appeal would get it turned over (I've heard of this happening with NSW riders). The license restriction requirement works against L's in some cases - NSW P holders aren't supposed/allowed to go over 80 km/h (but they all do) - license restriction.
    As an aside: NSW is different for L's for cars in that it's a different law and the requirements of that law need to be complied with for visiting drivers - not exceed 80 km/h (a road rule and not a license restriction). Visiting P drivers don't have the same restriction (no road rule limiting P's speed in NSW. ).

    As far as doing training in another state then it may be possible provided she has the license that will allow her to do that training (ride on the road if required) and the home state recognises the training.
    States have agreements which allow them to accept certificates from other states but the OP would need to check if the training certificate from Qld (QRide) is accepted in SA.
    RWC's from interstate can be accepted. I've had a QLD Safety Certificate accepted in NSW when I mentioned the agreement between states. They just weren't happy to do it. That is intended to make it easy to get a vehicle registered in your home state when you are travelling.

    So, it *may* be possible for the OP's GF to do QRide provided she first had her L's in SA and it *may* then be possible to have that accepted in SA. The OP would need to check on this. She wouldn't get her license in Qld but would do the training there. She could say she has no time to do the course in SA and can only do it while on holiday in Qld. Be easier just to go for L's in SA which would allow her to ride in Qld then do more in SA later.
  5. She would still need to get her Qland L's. Then do Qride.
    The relevant states do take other states learning as RPL's. But laws of the state must apply. ie age.
    TORUM is even vague about it and only states full licenses and what I have stated above. Amongst a lot of jibber jabber.
    Your a sucker for these long distance relationships Vlad lol
  6. Thanks all.

    This the approach I have recommended to her and I believe to be easiest to manage.

    bretto - it's the same relationship mate not a different one ! As you say it ain't easy !!!!!