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Can you terminate someone without telling them?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Paulstar3, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have sorry HAD a part time job. I told them I'm off on holidays for 3 months and now I'm back for a month and a week. I went back in today to ask about some work and they've told me that i've been terminated because they "did not know when i was coming back" which is a toss considering I was in contact with 5 or more during my trip.

    Are they okay to do this? I dont particularly want the job back but it would be good whilst i look for better opportunities.
  2. They said i could re apply for the job that I did for four years while i was at uni...
  3. More info
  4. Sorry I'm lost. Were you part time or casual?
    If you were part time did you apply for and get the 3 months leave?
    If you did and they terminate you, there could be some redress.
    If you were casual there is no redress.

    I'd suggest you look at:
    (Fair work Australia)
  5. So reapply.. without knowing the size or type of company we are talking about its hard to say really.. but if you are casual then you are casual. Did you inform HR about your holiday etc?
  6. I was casual, i let my line manager know. Its a big company (ASX listed) Line manager claims she had no idea when i was getting back, i think its just a case of bitchiness.
  7. You basically have no rights as a casual.
  8. nothing in writing? no holiday roster indicating your time off?
  9. This happened to my daughter at a large scottish restaurant. I rang the head office and told them that this was not acceptable, the local store manager now gives her all the best shifts she wants.

    OH and the local manager was a biatch.
  10. No, I gave nothing in writing.. ..

    I dont think i want to blow up about this, just let it go..


    thanks =]
  11. Nah if you want the job then make some noise.
  12. OT

    A Scottish restaurant?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  13. if you are a casual they dont have to give you notice or anything - you have almost no rights.
  14. That's what the 20% loading's for.
  15. Clearly not an Arnie fan. :roll:
  16. Didn't they bring in some rules (laws?) where you had some rights if you were employed more than 6 months on a casual basis?

  17. The one with the big yellow logo....
  18. I'll have the Mc Haggis with a large Mc Grouse.
  19. Under some awards / agreements you may become part time after a period as a casual.

    Like I said earlier, ring / contact Fair Work Australia. All the info is there.