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Can You see what he did wrong

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by icestorm, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. #1 icestorm, Sep 10, 2010
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    Can you see what this harley rider did wrong other then overtaking illegally ?

  2. Well... He bought a Harley.

    And didn't bother to learn how to ride it properly.

    Ok. His sr's kicked in and he did everything wrong from then on. Goose!

    His wanker mate following him did just as pathetically, but got lucky.
  3. Stood the bike up straight (/w braking) instead of leaning it further to make the turn?
  4. He bought a Harley.
  5. target fixation and braked in the corner?, also he seemed to be going a bit fast but we cant see it from his point of view i guess
  6. Im still on my learners 1 week today, but yeah looks to me like he panicked used his front brakes making the bike stand up then locked up his back brakes while looking exactly where he didn't want to go. instead of leaning and taking the turn.
  7. yep, he bought a harley after someone told him they're fantastic in the twisties.....hehe
  8. Vision fixation, pure and simple. The rider was fixated on where he didn't want to be, and as a result, only looked at where he didn't want to be thus depriving his mind of options such as simply looking through the corner and turning the bike into the corner away from the edge of the road.

    He wasn't going too fast to make the (right-hand) corner, he just mentally locked up after panicking and stared at the edge of the road, and so that's where he went.

    Had he simply turned his head (and I do mean physically, 'cos this really does help a lot) into the corner he would've made it easily.

    The second rider just fixated on the first.

    This is all about inexperience.
  9. He forgot harleys dont have wings
  10. gotta love the guy in the car

    "oh man, they are going to beat our ass's"

    gotta love how they didnt get out of the car to help either, even just to see if the guy was ok. i know there was plenty of other riders around but he should have checked, he fell down a cliff.

    from the video i cant tell if the brakes or not, but yeah he is looking straight ahead the whole time, as if he will fly across the gap to the other side of the road.
  11. Bought a harley, overtook on doubles, on a blind corner, target fixated, locked up the rear... can we just say what he did right? It would be way quicker.

    I don't really see why they should have stopped, the ones who bought it were obviously part of a big group, what would the van people have been able to do other than block the road in an area with poor visibility where other bikes (that can corner) may be coming through a tad quicker?
  12. That road is pure p0rn...gold. I bar up seeing places like that to ride.
    1. He bought a harley and took it on a twisty road.
    2. Forgot to option the knobbies.
    3. Corner ??? what corner ???
  13. Maybe could have taken his dumass carcass to hospital.
    I wonder what it's like having a video of your riding, serve as probably the perfect example of poor and noob riding that many of us have ever seen. And will be accessible for the whole world to see, for many years. Lol
  14. I say thankyou to his dumbarse and his dumbarse mates dumbarse as well!

    Good lesson in target fixation and being at the correct speed.

    Good on him for helping us noobs! (y)

    Hope he was OK though :-s

    Fun Ha!
  15. Good point mate...as they say...a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case...a video is worth a book. :)

  16. I've seen that video dozens of times, and it never gets old.

    Tail of the dragon, I'd die happy if I could have a go at it one day...probably not on a harley though, I hear they can't corner.
  17. its almost comical.

    why race through twisties on a harley? they were hardly 'cruising'
  18. I dont think they were racing I think they just wanted to overtake the van, but were surprised by the existence of the mythical "unstraight" piece of road.
  19. Would love to find out what happened to him and his ugly bike... Even if he was fine there would be no way to get the bike back up on the road, I hear those things are heavy :)
  20. No doubt there are tow truck drivers that make a living out of that road. :p