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Can you ride in heels?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peaches, May 30, 2008.

  1. Hello, here’s another question for the girls, although guys can also contribute. This is a SERIOUS question, please, so no teasing and genuine answers appreciated.

    Would it be:

    1) Legal to ride in heels?
    2) Possible to ride in heels?

    Now before you go “what a stupid F&$# wit wait till she brakes her anklesâ€, there are a couple of reasons behind my queries.

    1) I’m not the tallest girl in the block – would wearing heels help to alleviate the height issue when I upgrade one day? If yes, girls – do you wear normal work heels, or special motorcycle boots? If the latter, where are they available?

    2) I don’t intend to ride with the strappy heels that I wear to work each day. But if I had an urgent press meeting to go to – AND if out of sheer necessity I have to ride there in my suit and heels* – would they affect my riding ability?

    FYI I currently wear 2 – 3 inchers.



    *Fingers crossed it will never happen…
  2. Oh crap. Typo. Break, not brake.
  3. i wouldn't think it were ideal peaches, but what would i know

    you can get your riding boots modofoed so they are sort of platformed to give extra height which is what my sister done when she started riding
  4. Why do you ride a bike?

    Why dont u trade in and get a scooter...
  5. Yes you can ride in a high heel

  6. You can buy these boots:

    Personally I'd rather tip toe than put a wedge heel any where near my foot :p
  7. Ha ha ha ha, you had to expect that call soon enough!

    Seriously though, I'm struggling to think of any good reasons as to why you would wear high heels on your bike. Just do what I do, use your protective boots and change into work shoes here. Most of the boots have heels, soliving the height issue.

    Just think, its more inconvenient not having a foot than it is changing shoes at work.
  8. Well these would suggest that you can ride in heels :shock:


    or maybe they just aimed at the pillion who wants to be safe and sexy :p
  9. Yeah I think it's a pretty shit idea. If you've absolutely positively got to get around on 2 wheels in heels, do it on a scooter where there's no pedals and footpegs to deal with.
  10. Because I want to ride a 675 one day.

    For goodness' sake, are all my topics destined to be ridiculed? I asked a genuine question and was hoping for genuine answers. It made SENSE to me as heels elevate a person's height.

    Unfortunately I'm a freakin journalist that has to wear suits each day to work. Yes, I wear lip balm, yes I worry about the size of certain parts of my anatomy. Does that negate me from riding Peaches, or aiming to ride a bigger bike one day? Does that automatically put me into the “scooter†category?

    Sorry if I went on a bit of a rant but I’m extremely upset at the moment. There’s been a couple of deaths that I’ve been exposed to, and my grandmother, who is over 10,000 km away, is not far behind.

    Riding Peaches helps me to forget some of the issues I have. I want her, not a scooter. That’s why I ride.
  11. HEY those Icon boots look like they fit the bill. Thanks guys, I’m checking it out right now.
  12. Those Heels aren't able to deal with riding a motorcycle. Lots of high heeled womans shoes seem to break really easily. Just wear proper boots, and change when you get there. If the unthinkable happens, you will be better off.

  13. Chillax.

    Put a Ventura bag on the back of ur bike - then no one can see what size or what ever you are (or are not) PLUS you can carry your suit and shoes in the bag.
    Two birds - one stone... problem solved.. You might even have an extra pocket for the lip balm.
  14. Yeah, I think you'd be better off with proper bike boots with a bit of a heel. I had some Harley ones for years that had quite high heels and were great to ride in. They are also 'platformed' a little bit at the front, which is actually where you need the extra height on a bike. Stilletos or pretty much any narrow heels are gonna be uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst.

    Hey, chicks look hawt in bike boots! (OK, might not always fit the journalistic image...)
  15. Hey Peaches,

    Personally I always ride in my A* boots :)

    I guess it would be physically possible to ride in heels, I don't see the problem but I wouldn't do it (that's just me though). I have a pair of shoes under my desk at work that I wear when I get to work. If you're really short on time, rather than wearing your heels you could put them in your tank bag/backpack and quickly change them - would take all of 2 mins plus you get the added advantage of keeping your feet safe while riding.

    However, if you want to wear heels when riding so you can touch the ground - I think there may be some more appropriate ways like lowering your 675 when you get it.

  16. I ride in heeled boots every now and then... only issue I have with that is that heels obviously reach the road alot earlier than I'm used to but after a bit I get used to it. I've never really had a problem reaching the ground though - it's more if I'm going somewhere that bike boots are not so appropriate.

    If you had to ride in your strappy heels it would probably just feel a little strange at first... then you'd get used to it.

    Know a few girls who got platforms added to their boots when they've had problems reaching the ground. Between that, lowering the bike, sculpting the seat, you'll get around any shortness problems! I have a friend who'd be five foot nothing and she manages just fine.
  17. I'm trying to find these icon boots but can't find any links. Maybe it's because I started at 6.45 today and my brain's fried - can someone post up a link?


  18. I know Chaps (Lucy) used to ware heels
    But I advise the Ventura rack idea as being more sensible
  19. These are harley boots WWIW


    +1 to the ventura bag on the back of the bike.