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Can you ride a bike with a bodyboard??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by banditbob, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. I'm about to get my first motorcycle and am hoping to make many a trip to the beach.

    Does anybody know if its safe to ride with a bodyboard bag on your back?

    Would wind resistance be a factor?

  2. Yes. Big factor.
    You would need to hang on VERY tight to the bike.
    Recommend no faster than 50km/hour.

    If possible, the best position for it would be along the side of the bike, vertically - where it wouldn't create wind resistance.
    You'd need it strapped on well... maybe partly to your leg [although bit dodgy for putting your foot down when stopped] - and obviously opposite side to exhaust so you don't melt your board! :)

    Let us know how you go & post pix!
  3. Try and strap it down to the rear seat if you can - depending where your exhaust exits the back of the bike may also be an issue - don't ask me how I know :oops:
  4. Yes, I know that it isn't, but Im sure you can do it. :grin:
  5. egiste - in Thailand I saw a guy moving a fridge with his scooter :eek:

    It can be done - the rest is just figuring out what speed, effect of wind... and whether or not you'll get pulled over for it :p
  6. My guess would be to put down a pillion peg. Rest it on the peg facing nose to sky with the top towards the bike, then strap it to the frame. :)

    Then again, I have a real surfboard so it's not something I've had to do before. :p :LOL:
  7. banditbob, i don't know if you are familiar with these things but I've seen a brace which mounts to the back of a push bike, maybe you could get one of these and some how get it to fit to your bike... just a thought.

    Although let us know when your taking your first ride to the beach, I want to be there to capture it on film. :grin:
  8. lol will do

    Even if on other side of exhaust, wouldnt the engine make it too hot?

    Otherwise, good idea...
  9. :LOL: I'd like to see that
  10. Excellent way to get blown over, blown out of your lane, blown into on-coming traffic... I would *highly* recommend not riding with a board anywhere near your bike. Is there a way you can keep the board somewhere down at the beach, or something like that? Otherwise, maybe you should be thinking about a dodgy old station wagon like every other waxhead. :p :)
  11. A fridge?? :shock: Golly Gosh!
  12. I think it would be annoying I used to ride my pushy down to the beach in newcastle with board in purpose built backpack.

    I would do it, just slow is all
  13. Used to ride with my bass guitar in it's case on my back, it's a bit awkward, but it can be done.

    Just be extra careful when you're doing it...
  14. I used to take my grand piano... oh forget it.
  15. I've thought about that with my bass... is yours hardcase or gigbag?

    I've got a gigbag, and I reckon it could be done safely enough.

    Amp? Different story :)
  16. Why oh why did I think the title said 'bodyguard'?
  17. Best advice yet!
  18. mmm thats an idea... netrider saftey guard with full leathers expandable batton and a few warning golf balls...
  19. That is pretty cool !!!

    We moved house once and had to put the couch on the roof of the hatchback. Someone :)oops:) had to sit on the bonnet and hold the couch with one hand (we had no rope :oops:) and hold the wipers with the other hand. Thankfully only a couple of blocks down the road, but lots of fun all the same :grin: :grin: