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Can you repair a worn indicator switch?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BoogieMan, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. I'm trying to save a few bucks and all that sort of stuff... the indicators on my Hyosung have been playing up for about 6 months... the wierd thing is they are not just dead... one day they work the next not.. then later that day they are back... then for a week they are fine then half way through a ride they stop again.. I've pretty much worked out that the contacts just aint doing what they supposed to... is there any easy way of gettign in there and doing something to get them to reconnect again....

    oh well I ohpe someone has some words of wisdom


  2. if their anything like the suzukis ... the actual switch is sealled .... withing the switch block ..... making them very hard to repair .... in most cases ( like my problem with an iffy starter switch ) ... its easier to replace the switch block .... but as you pointed out ... not cheap
  3. Any kind of contact cleaner should work if you can get it in there. If it's not a sealed unit, give it a spray, give the switch a good hard fast toggle, and see how it goes.

  4. What makes you think it's the switch? Have you checked all the wiring, particularly earthing, and the connections at the flasher unit itself? If it is the switch, try squirting a little electrical contact cleaner in there, (D1ck Smiths) it could be a little corrosion.
  5. My Mechanic suggested it is worn ( and I tend to agree with him on the fact that) it doesn't FEEL like it's clicking into place anymore and on the odd occations when it starts workign again it does seem to CLICK into place...

    THanks for all your advice I'll try pulling it apart (a job that isnt all that simple having looked at it before when it first started happening..) and see if I can bend it up and in a little


    Drinking Wine since you were 6 huh?! :p
  6. Have you had a price on a replacement Boogs? In my experience you can fix switches and pots but they're never the same as a new one.

    If it's a click issue, is it possible something has actually broken inside? Dirty contacts shouldn't stop the clicking.

  7. Err No. It's a quote. I should have added 'Anon' to make that clear, Doh!
  8. $60 odd from memory... I dont think it's dirty... simply as it's good then bad then comes good again...

    The funniest thing was they had been good for about 3 weeks prior to getting my new bike and it was just round the corner from picking up my new bike that it stopped again...... :LOL: :p :evil:
  9. heya BoogieMan,

    haphazard behaviour like that could be caused by a worn out Flasher Can (Relay).

    as a test;
    you could try locating the Flasher Can on you bike (note the orientation of the pins),
    then temporarily swap it with a matching one from another (mates) car/bike.

    technically speaking;
    when the Relay Contacts carbonise (blacken) it can effect the whole charge/discharge cycle,
    hence your indicators will not flash.

  10. BoogieMan Nods and pretends like he has some idea what you are talking about....

    Damn I wish I'd payed a little more attention in advanced Electronics!!!

    lol :LOL: :LOL: Cheers Mate.. I'll try that out.. altho I'm not sure I know anyone who may have interchangeable partsa with a Hyosung :( :p
  11. Hyosung make a number of parts for Suzuki. whether the flasher relay is interchangable I have no idea, but I guess it wouldn't be a bad place to start looking. :)

  12. Good Idea I'll look around... :D