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Can you recommend a good Melb CBD mechanic?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Tiga, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Can anyone recommend a mechanic for a Yamaha R1 located in Melb CBD?

  2. Have you tried Pete in Fitzroy. He comes highly recomended by people on Netrider. He looks after my Across and is a mate of Groborts03. I haven't got his numbe to hand but Glen knows how to get hold of him.
  3. Got an R1 too. Do servicing myself, but if i need to do somhting i can't manage, always take it down to Paterson Floyds Kawasaki in Feentree Gully.... even though it take me like 45min to get there.
  4. i take my bike to cosways (because its a kwaka) when i dont use the dude in geelong. they seem pretty good (honest etc) and theres always an assortment of other brand bike getting fixed... whenever something is broken they come out with the busted bits and explain the why and what etc.

    the service suxs though. if you go there talk to leon (on the floor) or the young mechanic dave i think is is name.
    virginia is bloody moody to say the least and the older mechanic is a grumpy bastard who doesnt talk much.

    thats all i can say about the cbd, i asked the same question a while back and got nothing. so either everyone in the cbd is a prick or no one gets their bike done in the city :?
  5. Virginia once got up me because I asked the price of genuine brake disc. She wouldn't tell me the price she just kept telling me there expensive. For all she knew I was a millionare who wanted genuine discs for my bike and she could have made a killing on selling me a pair. I still to this day dont know how much a the discs are.
  6. hahaha why does that not supprise me :LOL:
  7. On saying that she seems pretty clued up on spare parts and she always make a fuss of my 3 year old when I go in there. Shame the shop is such a tip. I think they need to go across the road and look in PS to see how modern bike shops should look.
  8. Thanks folks, Clearly the city is not overflowing with good bike shops. I guess workshop space costs a lot in here???

    I use Bike Barn (just off Elizabeth) for my Aprilia. They are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone with an Italian bike but they don't do R1s.

    Thanks Pete from Fitzroy for the PM, Jason will give you a call.
  9. If looking for a mechanic to work on an R1 why wouldnt you go to YAMAHA CITY in elizabeth street.
    Service Center 9602 1286
  10. I got a service and front tyre changed at Cosway, now when slowing down from 100 with no hands on the handlebars I get handlebar shudder at around 80k.

    In fairness to Cosway I can't conclusively say that it was as a result of their work but have that suspicion.
  11. Does this mean you have to grab the handlebars quick to avert dissaster? :shock:

    Or does the shudder you speak of not affect the bike's motion? What causes this anyway?
  12. It could be shot head stem bearings, or a poor front wheel balance. But my money would be on a flatspotted rear tyre allowing too much free play for a new nicely rounded front tyre.
  13. Aren't you just a wealth of knowledge :wink:
  14. petes the way to go
  15. Every once in a while I have a useful opinion? Hehehehe :)
    You can buy me that coffee at next weeks coffee night :wink: :LOL:
  16. I'd feel guilty making you dip into your Europe saving fund :)
  17. 1


    I believe it's going to be a headstem bearing, will soon find out as the front end is in bits at the minute anyways.
  18. Will find out soon enough, probBLY still 2 weeks away from being able to ride alas and bike is still at Bob Martins. Front end has been pulled apart and asked them to look at the headstem bearing. Falt spot on rear tyre certainly never pccured to me. Took it to Bob Jane for a balance so that isn't it Marty, no soup for you!