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Can you 'read' tyres?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by VCM, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. I have heard people comment on others' rear tyres as if they were reading spark plugs. It appears that the scrub/wear signs on a tyre can tell quite alot about the rider. I thought it may be good to have people post pics of their tyres and have others ( who know how to read them ), give an evaluation.
    May end up quite an interesting & informative topic.
    I'll start:
    I have noticed a 'strange' pattern on the edge of my chicken strips for quite a while now, but have been too embarrassed to ask anyone what they tell me.



  2. Cant really tell by the pix Vinnie. May be a little bit of scolloping but there is plenty of meat left on those suckers :)

    Brand, speed, weight and power delivery have a lot to do with tyre wear as well as riding style. I'll also add that some surfaces kill tyres too :wink:
  3. I can feel a 'check out my chicken strip-less tyres' thread coming on! :LOL:
  4. are you talking about the leading edge of the tread groove lipping up Vin?
  5. Yea mate, that and the strange pattern evident at the end of worn-in section of the tyre.
    BTW.. haven't seen ya in a bit mate, hope you're doing well. :wink:
  6. Cheffa's really good at tyre reading so put your pics up guys. He was able to read my riding style straight away.
  7. I think he's talking about the dotty bit.

    It's dotty because you don't spend much time on that part of the tyre - maybe a few revolutions each time you corner and that's it. So it doesn't get as evenly worn as the rest of the tyre, and it comes up as just the occasional scuff.

    The only way to fill it in properly is to do a lot of riding on the sides of your tyres - a track day or lots of twisties work (if we still had twisties to go to) would do the job.

    Those are some pretty huge strips there Vinnie. Time to work on your riding I reckon.
  8. Thanks Loz, that's exactly what I was talking about .. the dotty bit :LOL:
    Hey at least I'm spending a little time on it eh.
    re: riding, haven't had much time lately, apart from the commuting thing. Have set aside labor day weekend for some decent saddle time. Even thinking of leaving Sat, and not returning til Mon .. a mini road trip?
    Might be time to head out past Gippsland, havent seen Eden for a while :wink:
  9. Ring me if you're comming through Sale Vinnie :wink:
  10. That'd be Sat of the upcoming Long weekend mate, not this one.
    Will definately be giving you a call if I am heading through Sale :wink:
  11. Okay then, what have I done wrong here? It only lasted about 2500kms and my bike only has about 50 hp :?
  12. Ahhhh, simple.

    You bought a Pilot Power. Get a Bridgestone up ya! :p
  13. Looks like a trackday.
  14. +1 trackday
  15. I'll drop by and see you soon bud. :)

    Tea leaves mate, really good at reading tea leaves, that's how i know how you ride. :grin:

    Power slides. But you knew that.
  16. The evidence of trackday on that tyre has been wiped clean by riding it on road afterwards. I'm impressed you managed to wear the middle that much in 2500kms, the sides ok that happens from cornering forces.

    Someone mentioned to me a while ago that a line down the middle of the tyre suggests misalignment? I noticed mine has one now, dont know if its just where the tyre was joined together..

    I've been meaning to put a pic up to the 'how to read your tyres newbies' thread awhile back, not sure if the melting in a specific section is normal.

    Note, road2s are no good for the track! That was a mistake, it kept melting, even after experimenting with tyre pressures.
  17. I believe Roarin has never ridden on a racetrack, at least not in Australia.
  18. Roarin, that can be caused by the Channel in your trailer.
  19. That tyre has never seen the track -nor a trailer.