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Can you put Restricters in?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Levih, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Can you put like a rev limiter or re-stricter into a bike to make it LAMS ?

  2. i actually read an article (in amcn or cycle torque i think) where a company was actually pushing for this, they showed they could install a governor on bigger capacity bikes which also had a seal which showed if it had been tampered with. Alas the RTA looked at it but it never got much further, so to answer your question no I dont believe so.
  3. 2 fold question.

    Technology wise: easily.

    However legally it sounds like a nightmare trying to prove to the RTA, or insurance company that youre not riding a motorcycle outside your license class.
  4. At the moment, it has to be a factory restriction, like the SV650 and equivalent.

    A new model brought out specifically for LAMS with its own model code.

    Its a good idea but I don't reckon it would be in place any time soon

  5. If it's not on the LAMS list, it ain't LAMS. Sorry bud.
  6. in uk supersport bikes are restricted to (i think) 32 bhp for learners, so yes it can be done. the red tape side of things is the question...

    the other option is finding a bike that has been labelled lams by mistake, there was a post in a thread about a lams approved r6. Of course, finding one of these is akin to winning the lottery.
  7. A company was doing this in Sydney a few months back. I think they did 10 or so CBGSXR6's before the RTA pulled the pin.
  8. If there is a tamper seal that would be good.

    Insurance wise, the company can just check your bike post accident and confirm that it was restricted.
    Being pulled up by the cops on the other hand would be another story all together as they have no idea about vehicles at the best of times.
  9. Not really, it would either be classed as LAMS, in which case it would have "LAM" on the rego sticker, as current LAMS bikes do, or it wouldn't.

    I think even a cop would have the brain power to make the disticntion...probably.

    But no, currently, you cannot register a restricted bike as LAMS.
  10. Naw, not the news I wanted to hear lol.

    Ill do some more research