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Can you pick who's on the roids? (NWS?)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Veg, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. unsurprisingly, his genitals are invisible!
  2. To quote Clive James - "looks like a brown condom stuffed full of walnuts" :LOL:
  3. photoshop?
    Cant be real...
  4. I guess his mum still dresses him in the morning, because he isn't going to be able to reach.
  5. Yeh hes deformed LOL.. Got his pix. From what I remember hes
    got his own website as well.
  6. oh thats off
    gregg valentino arm are gross
    i mean at least the other normal body builders have nice and defined arms
    his ones are like just deformed tree trunks
  7. thats it, wen i get home im goin to the gym
  8. That Valentino man looks like a freakshow
  9. Valentino needs to lay off the synthol and GH.
  10. I feel better, better get a bucket :shock:
  11. does taht mean NWS?
  12. I heard (Off the net...True/Myth?) that in a recent event he burst a bicep when he was flexing because his arms were so big...
  13. yup and i heard that his arms were only so big cos he was training to beat chuck norris...
  14. he'll never beat chucky !
  15. Pfft, I could kick Chuck Norris' ass anyday...

    Actually I will send out a challenge to chuck right now!.

    "Chuck meet me at friday coffee for the fight of the century if i don't see you on friday i'll just assume you are too scared to fight and i will declare myself the winnar."
  16. thats a brave move kraven, remember, chuck is everywhere :shock:

    if kraven stops posting, we all know what happened.

    and if he keeps posting, we still know what happened, chuck is a l33t h4x0r too :p
  17. Well sposed to be:

    He uses Synthol to make his arms bigger (Synthol is a man made synthetic fat that bodybuilders are site injecting to increase muscle size)

    *edit* Just noticed OutbreakMonkey already mentioned Synthol