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Can you negotiate the $ down on new bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Glennb, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Can this be done, and if so how much roughly could I aim for? If I buy a new bike It would be a 06 zx6 towards the end of the year.

  2. Of course it can be done...

    It depends on your negotiating skills, the time of year, model of bike, phase of the moon, the cash position of the dealer, whether the factory is offering incentives etc.

    Whilst you can always get a better cash price, sometimes a dealer can offer things that might be better for you over the long term. My dealer looks after me by providing a free loan bike (and we're not talking about a crappy loaner either), manages to always make time for me, fits in tyre changes and services at stupidly short notice, offers discount on spares and accessories. It's just that their cash price for the bike wasn't the best.

    You makes your choices...
  3. you'r more likely to get gear at a discount or thrown in with a new bike but i don't think dealers move much on new prices simply because they are in high demand and they know they can bwe sold to someone else.. even more so for high profile models.
  4. I believe there is room for negotiation.
  5. If you're buying a ZX6R, be aware that the '07 ZX6R has just been unveiled. What's more, it's strikingly different to the current model. This means that as the new model is released, the dealers will be trying to offload any '06 models they have in stock. And THAT's the time to strike a deal :)
    Also, try doing the deal at other than the prime riding season (even a rainy day might help!), towards the end of the month (salesperson might be short of their quota).
    Worth remembering though, that unlike cars, the margins on bikes are not all that great to begin with, so don't expect miracles.
    And don't fall for the upsell!
  6. ok, what about used bikes ?
    A bit more wiggle room ?

    I know that on Cars the trade-in is like 25% of the price they will sell it for ....same for bikes ?

    I'm looking at swapping my VZ800 for something a little sportier and cant decide to sell my bike privately or use it as a trade-in .....I know I"ll end up with more $$$ in my pocket with a private sale.. but . . . . .

  7. There can be over $1000 in difference just by spending half an hour on the phone calling 10 shops. If your after extras like aftermarket exhausts they can usually throw them on at cost.
    You can get a bike transported or do a nice tour and get the bike run in in the process :)

    Remember onroad costs too, make sure you get that thrown in.

    When your ready to buy use the internet forums to ask where theres a good deal. Like KSRC if your after the ZX6, someone there will know who sells them the cheapest, and the member discounts help get the no BS price straight away.

    And yeah, end of model runouts can see some excelent deals.
  8. My answer is definately yes. My brother and I have been shopping the last couple of weeks playing the dealers against each other and it's a lot of fun. Some will play the game if they want your money and those that don't wont.
  9. Absolutly possible on a New or Used bike

    money talks bullsh@te walks

    also depends on
    IF you have a bike to also trade in to take up on road costings
    get a card from every dealership(person)
    you talk to WITH the quoted price(detailed) on it
    and WHOM gave you that price quote
    because you could go back in a day or 2
    and they could well say nope i didnt say that
  10. Ever noticed when demand drops on a bike how much they reduce the price by.

    e.g. Honda vtr1000. $15990 + ORC to $13990 ride away.

    You can bet they are still making a profit at that.

    so that sort money is there to play with on any bike you are buying, if it already hasn't been discounted.

    On a run out model I'd be suprised if you couldn't get $1500 just by ringing around and anothe $500 - 1000 in the shop.
  11. Everything is negotiable. Phone around and get the best price on the bike with all the accessories you plan on purchasing. Get a break down of the price so you know how much the dealer delivery and transfer/rego costs will be - these are all points to negotiate. Good luck!
  12. These type of discounts are normally from the factory. Retail margins are slim but you can still get a better deal if the dealer has had the bike for a little while.

    Ex demos are normally OK, that's how I have got most of my cars.
  13. I was quoted $14,000 ride away on a 2006 ZX6R only 2 mths ago, use that as a benchmark, I thought it was pretty good as hey are rrp $14,990+ ORC.
  14. Care to provide a link to back that up? Or have you just been sucked in by another bad photochop job?
  15. not sure if this counts as a bad photochop job...


    from http://www.raptorsandrockets.com
  16. Same pic is on the front cover of the latest AMCN mag.
  17. That means you should pick up a bargain as you will be buying a superceeded model. Thats always good for getting the price down.
  18. Yep that is one of the 2 bad photochops kicking around, not quite as bad as the one that was on the cover of the US MCN a few weeks ago.
  19. Thanks guys, So as a run out model, around 14k rid away is possible + some extra gear at cost price. sounds not to bad, only problem is I will be buying during peak riding season as I get my full license in December. I was going to be shifty and get a 600 early but my insurance company wont insure me :evil: and also cant get a loan without insuance on the bike :(
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