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Can you make a bike LAMS suitable?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by HeavyNinja, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. I am wondering if I can buy a GSXR 600 for example and get the ecu modified to retard power until I can get my open. I won't lie, I like power and I thought my ninja 300 would suffice for a year. Suffice to say after a run today I was begging it to go harder. I have only been on the bike 2wks and not gone over 80 until today where I got a chance to open the taps full. It is nice and nimble in the turns, but just lacks that pull under full throttle I hanker for. Doesn't help that I weigh 107 kitted out.

    So can you chip a non lams ecu to retard full power and then change it after lams, or am I going to have to make do, or give my mrs the ninja 300 and get myself a 650 or cbr500r? Or just deal with it and buy a cheap open bike and just ride it with my L's when I can get a qualified rider to ride with me.

  2. The bike has to be complied as LAMS so no, you can't just restrict a bike yourself and make it a LAMS bike.

    There was a brief period that you could do this in NSW, so here and there you'll find a 600cc supersport that's been complied to be learner legal. The RTA didn't leave that door open for very long, so it's not a lot of bikes. Besides, with LAMS it's not really needed anymore.

    Also, you're not allowed to ride an open bike on your L's, supervised or not. If you have plates, your bike has to be LAMS. Get a bigger LAMS bike if your 300 isn't enough bike for you.
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  3. Actually here in WA you can pass your r-e, walk straight back in to the licensing centr and get your L plates for an open bike. Only stipulations being you must be r-e for 12mnths before doing the test for open and if on the open bike, you must be with a suitably licenced rider and displaying your L plates.
  4. get a H2R.. just to be sure... :)
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    I want a more powerful bike, I don't have a death wish lol. I am just thinking 600 size not bigger. Part of this is due to most of my riding being 110, today I realized the 300 plus my weight will make it difficult to overtake cars doing 100 for example as once I got to 100 today it really started to slow down acceleration wise. My bike isn't for daily town commuting, it is for weekend riding.

    I think it might be wise to go get a ninja 650L then upgrade that when I can get my open. Give the 300 to my mrs.
  6. 2 weeks dude.. give it time. how much more than 100 do you need to go after 2 weeks?
    got life insurance? :p
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  7. Not checked if life insurance covers motorcycle death. I have no intentions of riding like an idiot, I guess part of me is just getting a bit excited after todays ride. But I am still thinking a 650L for me and then the mes can have the 300. I don't want to be able to do 200+ (Because I know myself well enough that if my bike can do it, I will try it) just have enough power to overtake etc.
  8. Just buy a restricted 650 and take the restricter off on the sly mate . I did it
  9. Except then in the event of a crash I am not even remotely insured. I was thinking the 650L I could ride on r-e then remove the restrictions once open. Or just trade in for an open bike.
  10. Fair enough. Your ways are strange to me, but that said, licensing in NSW has changed so much that I can barely keep track of that.

    But yeah, just buy a bigger LAMS bike and see how you go. I've always been funny with those 'supervised riding' rules in those states that have them - I'd hate to have my riding conditional on being able to find someone to tag along with - so I'd much rather ride a LAMS bike alone than an open bike with a babysitter. But maybe that's just me being my antisocial self.

  11. Nah I get it. I hate it now, don't get me wrong the lessons have been invaluable and are helping make me a better rider, but it shits me to tears that the weather is nice and I can't ride. As it is now to kill the desire I ride illegally, even if it is just 200m down the road, round the roundabout and back for a few laps. I am not overly sociable, and hate imposing on others, so refuse to ask the mrs uncle to ride with me, it is up to him to offer if he wishes to supervise me. so I am atm reliant on my lessons for time on the bike, then today I paid for a double lesson just to go for a ride and next weekend have done the same. My test is 2wks away, but if I choke like I did on my practice today, it will be longer on my L's and I dread that.
  12. Spud just keep drilling the basics until you can do them perfectly, the test will be easy. only those that fail to prepare have prepared to fail.
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  13. Yep, came home and practiced my O turns in my driveway space again. Amazing how making a single mistake can snowball into failure. I can do an O turn in less space than required, but put my foot down under pressure and got angry and dropped my foot twice more which knocked off enoigh points to fail. Everything else I nailed. Even my weakest skill indicators were perfect every single turn and roundabout.
  14. That's rubbish , I had my big stack on a bike like this. No one knows or cared that I had taken the restrictor off. If u get a older carbie hyosung they need to pull the carbie apart to find out. No insurance company is going to do that
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  15. You are just starting out. Learn to ride the 300 fast. It will more than likely make you a better rider anyway.

    Maybe think about a change in six months or so. Ride the little beast. Nothing like passing a 600/1000 in the bends on a little 250/300.
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  16. a less palatable alternative would be to lose 20kg.. that would make you+Ninja 300 7% faster (seriously).
    at 1kg a week (tough but doable), you could do it in 5 months :)

    every bike after the ninja would have a smaller % performance increase, but is the cheapest performance bump you can get (saves you money in food :) )
  17. Funny you say that. I am losing weight again. 3 times now I have dropped 17kg and let it stack back on. I need to find a way to be more disciplined so I don't regain it this time round.
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  18. keep doing what you were doing, but slightly less so you maintain? :) it aint always easy :(

    the other thing about little bikes.. wind resistance is a huge part of why they slow down at higher speed.
    tuck, and it takes less throttle to maintain 100, and makes accel a little easier too
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  19. Dunno about anyone else, but I have a wife to tell me this kind of stuff, oldcorollas, and she did exactly that when I was buying "go-faster" bits for my Honda Z50.
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  20. #20 oldcorollas, Apr 3, 2016
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    aye, very true ;) but in the context of "I need more power, like a GSXR600" the day after you go 80km/hr for the first time.. yaknow... (and watching same bike do 270 down the straight at Eastern creek on the telly today.. )
    all depends how long he has on restrictions. may as well make the most of the limited power!

    were you complaining to her about not being able to overtake people doing 100 on the Z50? :)