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Can you get aircon installed on a non aircon car?[VIC]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Cost not an issue, my wife's 88 corolla seca twin cam hatch is very sentimental to her and she won't part with it.
    Just wanted to know is it possible to install airconditioning to her car even though it has no factory air?
    Obviously it would be aftermarket.
    google has been no help so I'm leaving it to the collective heads of netrider to help out.
    If anyone knows of a place where they do it can they let me know please?

  2. Yes, I've installed many an aircon in cars that didn't previously have it... PROVIDED, the engine has that proper holes in the engine for the bolts to go into it for the compressor bracket, but yes it can be done, go to you're local Auto Elec, or A/C specialist and they'll check out your engines compatibility.
  3. It's definitely possible, my old Alfa had quite an elaborate aftermarket aircon system that had actually been installed by an auto electrician.

    Don't remember the name of the place, only that it was to the East of Melbourne somewhere, might be worth checking the ads for the auto electricians in your area though to see if any advertise A/C installation.
  4. If it was a factory option it wont be to hard.
    I imagine most Toyota A/C units from that period would work in your car.
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  8. She refuses to part with an 88?

    Has she even driven a newer one?
  9. The seca should have an engine from the toyota 4A family (4A-FE mostly for the efi models) and if you don't know how to tell, have a look at its compliance plate. The engine family should either be a seperate number or form part of the entire engine number such as 1234-4a-fe-5678. You should probably fall into lady luck's arms because Toyota was in the habit of manufacturing their engines with all the holes for all the options of all their various incarnations. As a large exporter to many countries there are needs for differing manifolds and brackets to suit compliance issues, so blocks are cast to suit most mods.

    The dash however may be a small hurdle, mitsubishi used to have blanking plates or dummy decoration gadgets in the places where alternate stereos or A/C units may or may not be required. Can't recall if toyota did too much of that with the seca's but given the model was a little more upmarket than a corolla base you may get lucky there too.

    Go scour some wreckers or used car yards to get an idea of the asthetics for the dash but otherwise call any reputable A/C auto-elec and quote the engine family number for some more expert advice.
  10. Irrelevant
    Which part of sentimental did you miss?
    We do have a modern car as well with climate control.

    Thanks for all the helpful replies to those posters who gave some good advice,
    I'll check the listings for engine number etc and see an auto elec.
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  13. Summer will be over by the time you can get somebody to install it, I'd think.
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