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Can you flip a Harley?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by devochka, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Apart from the fact that he comes off upon landing...anyone else think this is impressive?


  2. The flip is just a matter of physics…
    Then again so was bottoming out the suspension.
    Using gear that is simply not designed for it and having it go pear shaped was just inevitable.
  3. it looked every kilo of its weight. he barely rotated more than 180 degrees.

    I'm sure I could flip a harley as long as there is no limitations on which direction i do it.
  4. The question is why? I'm pretty sure the answer is $$$$. HD aren't affraid to throw unlimited money at marketing to make their stuff popular (their spec sheets sure don't sell the bikes). Theres a popular stunter over here that 'went to a harley' too, I'm sure its not because he thinks HDs are cool or fun to stunt.

    Before someone says it, I know that triumph are sponsoring a stunter over here and built him a cool street triple. All the big manufacturers sponsor stuff but this HD stunting stuff like watching someone try and force a triangle into a square hole.
  5. Because it's Crusty Demons, of course!

    250kg bike, and it broke the rear shocks on the landing.
    Rider is just super stoked it didn't land on him, I reckon.
  6. they were 'in' with HD when I saw them back in 2002 or something. They were given bikes to ruin by HD back then.
  7. Did you see that in the video?? I need to look closer me thinks...
  8. Do a youtube serch for Matt Mingay
  9. goldwing!

    then you will have my attention and respect!
  10. Cheers for that!
  11. Nah. My boss was at the show.
    They told the crowd afterwards.

    Would have been sweet if he landed it properly. Still ace, though.
    Scary stunt with such a heavy bike.
  12. I can flip a harley !

    A good kick will flip it right on its side !
  13. St00pid work firewall, I cant watch the video and I wonna see !!!!
    Will have to look at it when home.

    Hey Devo, your getting yourself a dirt bike .. make show us a few stunts when you get it?? :)
  14. Say what? ;)

    I'll post vids when I find other people showing their skills...And once I'm good at it. :)
  15. Whats the fun in that? We need to see the learning process :)
    Any update on when you are getting a bike? Have you decided on what you are going to get?
  16. No laughing at Devo for you!

    No update as yet. Need the cash first. ;) And I keep changing my mind on what I want. *sigh* Any psychics know the winning lotto numbers?
  17. :( and here I was getting ready for some good entertainment.
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  20. Any of our Pommy or Euro members remember the mad Dutchman who used to do a stunt act with a largely stock Z1300?