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Can you feel it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Don't know if I overdid the single malt last night, but when I walked outside this morning, there was a feeling of power in the air.

    Maybe - since there is a storm predicted, it is electricity in the air, etc etc,
    But it was a mighty feeling, and just felt as though I should expect something miraculous today.

    And it was the best commute too - bike felt right in every gear, holes opened up in the traffic, and I had only one red light in 20kms!

    Anyone else feel it, or am I just weird?
    BTW, location is Melbourne.
  2. I felt the cold, I felt the wind, I felt the rain in the air......so promptly rode to a mates and stole his car for the day.

    .......that count? :p
  3. Funny you should mention this Peter. I was standing in the kitchen before and I got this strange feeling...almost of dread. To make it worse there came a great rumbling from outside and the feeling of dread intensified x 100. I yelled down to the girls...panic growing with each second that passed...."Put the Goddamn wheelie bin out!"


    (We were too late) :( :LOL:
  4. ^^^ +1 but I did have an awsome run in today with all lights green and the transit lane clear and fast :LOL:

    PS. I always try and feel it....................just to make sure it is still there and is still working!! :LOL:
  5. Rosie, you crack me up :rofl:

    Haven't noticed anything different in the air down here, just cold and windy. Although the sun is out :)
  6. Was on the last stretch to work (Lonsdale St) just flicked teh bike through a lane change, and had it leaned over to position it, then fealt a WHACk in teh side as a gust almost put me down. Stood the damn thing up succesfully.

    But yep I fealt that
  7. god damn you, now I have the jackson 5 singing can you feel it running in my head... :roll:

    by the way yes i can and its teh change of season...
  8. Wind.....Check
    crap jokes from workmates regairding riding in the wet.....Check.

    No, nothing special so far.
  9. The only thing I'm feeling this morning is a hangover....damn drinking on work nights...bike got left at home today.
  10. :rofl: Very funny Rosie
    but yeah Peter, I get what you mean. Sometimes get it before a thunder storm. Just like animals freak out before them you can almost feel the electricity in the air.
    Maybe its a passed life thing. I feel no more alive than when Im in the hills and snow and cold. And yes I can feel the energy of the place sometimes when Im there-I feel sooo alive :dance: .Which kinda makes sense-well to me at least, coz Im decended from the McCloud clan,in the Scottish highlands,Isle of skye,Denvaygan castle,but aint immortal :(

    Some people subscibe to the theory of the land having held the memory of the events passed. I have personally experienced this at My Lai in Vietnam where 160 odd woman/children/buddhist monks were massacred by a lovely chap name Lt Kelly of the American armed forces and his men under his command.

    The place made me buckle over in pain and cry uncontrollably, once I got 20 or so foot from the trench were all these people were slaughtered as they stood. Can I explain it rationally any other way [-( no I cant but the memory of the land. Im sure if I visited Auswitz or similar then I would have the same reaction
  11. I'm the same when it comes to the ocean Movin...I'm drawn to it..always have been and always will be. It has a medicinal effect on me..calms...strengthens and makes me feel bloody alive. I put it down to the fact I'm descended from Maori's and we all know how important the ocean was/is to them. :)
  12. Yes whale rider :LOL: I do indeed. You kinda look like her character a bit too Rosie,except mature version :LOL: