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Can you do your P test MOST on a 3 wheel bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by TAX123, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Can you do your P test MOST on a 3 wheel bike / scooter?

    do you get a scooter licence trike licence or a full motorbike licence?

    isnt this cheating? a loophole ? make the cone swerving easy, but swerving to miss a half tennis ball on a can am might be impossible

    has anyone done a most test on a 3 wheel bike or scooter? how did it go? did you pass first go?

  2. hmmm not a bad question that 1
  3. Different states and different answers?
  4. How the hell would a can am get through the cone weave?
  5. haha, not the can am (anyway the can am is not LAMS (just put that in as a joke.

    Was talking more about say a MP3 2008-piaggio-mp3-250-scooter-review-21272560. or something like this [​IMG] or [​IMG]

    you get the picture8-[
  6. Doesnt a car licence cover those...?
    Would it even have a bearing then on sitting for a motorcycle licence on it?

    It does clearly say 'motorcycle' and those are 'trikes'... so im leaning toward the answer to the original question being NO :p.
  7. FUGLY, don't even want a license to ride 'em...
  8. Only if it's a car-based trike, like those made out of VW beetles.
    If it's bike based you need a bike licence.

    Much simpler in Victoria, they just consider anything with less than four wheels a motorcycle.
  9. I would say you may have hit upon a loophole in the law. Whether it is a good thing to do your MOST on a 3 wheeler is another matter.

    From: NSW Road Rules 2008

    motor bike means a motor vehicle with 2 wheels, and includes:

    (a) a 2-wheeled motor vehicle with a sidecar attached to it that is supported by a third wheel, and

    (b) a motor vehicle with 3 wheels that is ridden in the same way as a motor vehicle with 2 wheels.

    and from NSW MOST Requirements

    Test motorcycle and helmet

    Test motorcycles must be fully registered and roadworthy. The test motorcycle must conform to the legal requirements of the applicant’s licence. Applicants must wear an Australian Standard AS-1698 approved motorcycle helmet.
  10. As long as its classified as a motorcycle and registered as one.
  11. I have seen the P test done on a three wheeler in my area ( an MP3) I am in NSW

    Ring the stay upright centre in Queanbeyan - they may be able to clarify it for you
  12. Hmm.. well there ya go :) go for it.
  13. yeah i've had mates do it on an MP-3 and that was fine :)
  14. fine as in they passed? Im not doing the test, already got my gold, went through a different loophole to get it, but that one is now closed.

    If you want to cheat your way to a licence, rent a mp3 pass the test. No worries about gear changes putting your foot down, slalom test etc looks like an easy pass, that is if you dont forget the head checks.