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Can you do this (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dazza, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Unfugging believable :shock: guy runs up a cliff face.

    Would have laid a bet down that this bloke would not die of old age and found out he is now dead.


    Enjoy 8)
  2. There are no words..... top post dazz, I can't watch it again.
  3. Psycho... absolute fV<King psycho...

  4. eerrrrrr ummm bloody hell.............
  5. saw a doco awhile ago where a guy did exactly the same thing.....in fact i think that it may be this guy....... unfortunately in the doco the guy did die a few short weeks after filming this

    doco was about amazingly risky things people do.... he said that he loved it and it was a challenge etc, then later the voice over said that after filming this he died
  6. He's still crazy, but he's not alone.

    Have a close look at all of the hand holds he uses, they're all covered in chalk.

    Its obviously a 'well trodden' path used by lots of crazy climbers. or him, lots of times.
  7. mcbigg: there's nothing crazy about rock climbing. What's crazy is his lack of safety ropes (bloody squid!) and moves he's pulling. A flying grab onto a thin ledge is one thing when you have a rope to catch you, when all you have to catch you is the ground 100 feet below, you're a complete nutter.

  8. That sh*t is wacked, but i reckon he's done that climb a millon times
  9. this guy was an awesome climber

    he died when a rope snapped while doing a rope swing.
  10. WAS, was :shock: the operative word :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  11. I can't get to the vid. Can someone save it and host it elsewhere soI can view it ?
  12. just checked the link its still up :D

    Cheers 8)
  13. thats one crazy dude.. :shock:
  14. Yeah, but does he ride a motorbike?
  15. Lovers Leap is a flakey 5.7 climb, in simple english its a good starting climb for 10 year olds.
    Nothing against that guy but there are far superior free climb vids out there on half decent faces
  16. hehehe. go monkey go! he even has long hair so he looks like a monkey! wheee look at him go. that jump bit was rather a dangerous thing to be doing. oh and the wall looks kinda sloped away from him. not vertical. aren't there people who do those upside down things no ropes?