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Can you buy a road bike without a RWC in Victoria?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kiet88, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Are you able to buy a registered bike in victoria without a RWC?

    i.e. will vicroads accept the transfer of registration form without one?

    My friends did it for his, but i cant find anywhere on their website which says you can.

  2. You can buy a road bike without a RWC, and you can inform Vicroads of this via the transfer form. It will not legally be allowed to carry rego plates or be ridden on the road.

    To register it and ride it, you will need to obtain a RWC yourself.
  3. Yes but you wont have any registration that comes with it.
  4. snap!

    You are to however, able to buy a 1 or a 3 day pass so you can ride it to where you need to in order to obtain a RWC
  5. What they said.

    However there is a slight loophole in that you have a limited time (28 days from memory, but hey my memory is rapidly turning to crap) in which to submit the transfer papers.

    So I bought my last bike without RWC (the owner thought it would require a few things he didn't want to spend money on in case it didn't sell), organised my own RWC the next week (it passed with no issues) and then sent it all off to VicRoads to be tranferred to me complete with rego.

    Obviously you take a risk that there could be something on the bike that needs replacing that is expensive.
  6. you can buy a bike and transfer it in vic with no roadworthy. If a bike does have registration and you purchase it, when you hand in the transfer form you will have 28 days to provide a roadworthy certificate. In the event you dont then the registration will be suspended and will remain suspended till the roadworthy certificate is provided.
    The only catch is if you purchase a bike with no roadworthy sometimes it could end up costing you a hell of a lot. even if the bike looks clean there may be things like undersized discs and other little things that you might not notice but be expensive to replace.
  7. this is good to hear... i didn't end up buy the bike...

    i found out the bike was written off in the past and the seller didnt know a single thing bout it... and he didnt want to pay to change the front brakes and tyre to get it RWC..
  8. Hate to bring up an old thread but my situation is similar to this. I bought the bike last year in late November without RWC, the buyer and I have signed all the paperwork and the transfer fee has been paid. Vicroads then sent me a letter requesting the RWC which is dated not more than 30 days before the acquisition of the bike. I was unable to get a RWC within 30 days due to a vacation, and was unable to provide Vicroads with a RWC. As a result the rego of the bike has been suspended. I called Vicroads up and asked them how I am able to get the suspension lifted, they said I just need to provide a RWC. The question I am asking is that, does the RWC need to be dated within 30 days of the purchase or am I able to get a RWC now and hand that in?

  9. Ring VicRoads and say you are having trouble finding the old rwc dated within 30 days of the sale and would a new rwc suffice?
  10. Was the wording exactly "dated not more than 30 days before ..."? If so, I would read that as meaning it has to be no earlier than 30 day before you got the bike. So you can get one done now and it won't be a problem.

    Which would makes sense, since what they're interested in is it's current state of road-worthiness.
  11. This is what the letter they sent me regarding me providing them with the RWC said,

    "A certificate of roadworthiness which has been issued by a licensed tester in Victor and which is dated no more than 30 days before the date of disposal/acquisition of the vehicle".

    Thanks for putting another thought in my mind Kohhop, I never thought about it that way. How I thought was that I had to get a RWC within 30 days after purchasing the bike. Stupid me, been stressing about this all day. Thanks
  12. No worries, we all make these mistakes occasionally. Glad I managed to be helpful :).
  13. It's 14 days to submit transfer registration papers. I don't know about the further time to submit RWC.

    It was referred to by Vicroads callcentre as a partial transfer registration (buying a Vic registered bike, transferring to my name for $5.50 then cancelling registration/returning plates and taking interstate). No stamp duty paid and the prorata refund on rego/TAC (less admin fee of $15/10%) is sent to me now instead of the listed operator (the seller).

    Some things just aren't listed on the website.

    Given 14 days to effect such transfer, can ride it until then.
  14. Im a part time mechanic (2nd job) and this question gets asked alot. What Vicroads are refering to is that if you obtain a certificate of roadworthy the actuall certificate can not be more than 30 days old. Any roadworthy certificate lasts 30 days. After the 30 days you will need another certificate