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Can you believe this?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MangaGal, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. OK, this might not quite be bike related matter but I just wanted to share my bizarre encounter.

    I was at the petrol station getting petrol for my bike. After it was done, I took my helmet with me in my hand went to pay for the petrol. After I paid, a dude came up to me inside the shop and said "Can you please be careful with your helmet next time?"

    I was like "WTF?" and he continued "You bumped my car with your helmet."

    I was like :shock: :shock: "Since when?"

    He said "Yes you did. Can you be careful next time when you're around cars."

    I wanted to continue arguing but I couldn't be bothered. I said sorry without meaning it and just walked off without even looking at him.


    If I bumped my helmet onto a car, wouldn't he think I could feel it? It's a helmet, quite a small thing. If a bump occurred, wouldn't I feel the vibration?

    I was angry as I rode off, I shouldn't let this affect me but I just couldn't believe some people think their cars are more important to riders' helmets.

    One, I wasn't even near his car. I wasn't near ANY car. I walked between cars, not close to it but between the cars to get to the shops. FYI, I didn't know which car he was driving. Second, I had my helmet at my waist height. I don't remember swinging it. I wouldn't walk while swinging my helmet, let alone hitting cars with it. What an idiot!

    I just couldn't believe it. :evil:

  2. Believe it. There are thousands of people out there whose already tiny minds are being bombarded with drink and drugs, many of which make them paranoid and dangerous. You did the right thing by saying sorry and moving on. If you had remonstrated with this jerk you could have ended up with a knife between your ribs.

    On the other hand, if you are a gal, then he could have just been your typical Aussie thick-headed bloke who abuses and demeans his female work colleagues and thought he could do the same outside work. Hopefully one day he does it to someone who'll rearrange his 'manly' bits for him :roll:.
  3. <hero>I would have bumped his face with the helmet</hero>
  4. Is it possible that you didn't bump his car, but may have brushed the helmet on the car without knowing. With some of the attachments on helmets, it could put a mark on vehicles.
  5. Nah. I would have immediately inspected my helmet with him watching, then thanked him for letting me know I may have damaged my critical safety equipment on his car, explaining how even a minor impact can render a helmet less effective in a crash.

    Whereas a minor scuff, scratch or dent on his car is pretty much irrelevant.
  6. +1. What a total knob jockey. Next time someone parks near my bike or walks near me when I have my helmet in my hands (ooo err), I'll ask them to please keep clear of my stuff. Twats.
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  8. Devils advocate... Say perhaps you did manage to bump his car with your lid. Say perhaps it did leave a mark. Regardless of how much your lid cost you might have damaged his property, worth him mentioning at least. Short of looking at video tape footage it's hard to say exactly what happened.
  9. He was just in a brilliant mood cause u payed a couple of bucks to fill up the bike while he payed 70$odd bucks to fill up his POS :LOL:
  10. well, i'm a gal so maybe he thought i was too incompetent to handle my helmet. :?

    yeah, the lid may have brushed against his car but i just cannot remember i walked close to a car. maybe he thinks i did bump his car. dunno. and i actually dun care. :roll:

    if he's so precious about his car, he should bubble wrap it or something. :wink:

    well, people put tiny scratches on their own cars by accident all the time and blame on others. so he may have even did it himself without knowing. i'm just the unlucky one who so happened to walk past. i still don't reckon i did it but hey, i'm just glad this guy didn't come after me with his precious car. :p

    i'm precious about my bike too so i kill every bird who drops their precious "cargo" on it? dur?!

    oh well, C'est la vie
  11. What? It seems like now you think that you might have done it? And you don't care? :?

    Sorry, but if you bumped my car with your helmet [or my bike with your car-keys], I'd have a bit of a word too.
  12. Considering the circumstances, I feel this is the most appropriate response.

    Either that, or tell him that you agree to be more careful around cars as long as he agrees to check his blind spot properly for bikes.
  13. Hope you're more definite when the cops are asking you questions, MangaGal :p
  14. Usual attitude, biker's are always in the right, never do wrong....
  15. If you dented/scratched my car with a helmet...I would have said something and probably chased you for the money if there is a high repair cost. This is not a driver versus rider...it's more about property damage.

    I mean the helmet is probably more important then a scratch on a car...but not many people care about safety. Read somewhere regarding people choosing cars for their price/looks over safety.

    Just be glad he told you nicely to be careful, rather then king hit you or throw abuse at you in front of everyone...

    phong =P~

    EDIT:...spelling boo boo.
  16. no, i think you guys misunderstood me. when i said i dun care, i meant whether i did or not, it was in the past. i moved on. :wink:

    and when i said "i may have", i'm giving it a benefit of the doubt because he reckoned i did it, and i'm 100% sure i didn't because i wasn't near a car. but we can't argue about it cos he was soooo sure it was me. i forgot to ask him which car was his, to check the path i took to the cashier. the truth was i did not care enough to argue. if it was a serious scratch, he would probably yell at me right away when it happened.

    the fact was he didn't yell or anything. he just said something, so i figured it must have been such a small bump (i still don't think i bump his car) that it wasn't worth me arguing with him. that's how i felt about it.

    if i did bump into someone's car, the first thing i would do is check if there's damage and then apologise for sure. :)

    it's just the fact that i was so ignorant to think no one would care so much about their cars that he/she would walk up to a stranger and tell them off. that's all. this was the first time for me. if they care sooo much about their cars, seriously, leave the cars in the garage.

    i drive a BMW Mini Cooper. i find scratches on my car all the time, sometimes even dents from other car doors. people walk past my car in car parks all the time. so, should i walk up to them to tell them to be careful with their loose shirts or baggy jeans or shopping bags, because i reckon his/her clothing has just put a fine scratch on my car?! :? think about it.

    life is too short to worry about petty things like that. if someone bump my car with his/her helmet, i probably wouldn't tell them off. dunno. it's just me. i think shit like that happens all the time and i have much more important to enjoy (like riding) than arguing about a petty bump on my car.

    and besides, you can't force someone to apologise. if this happened to me, i would just wait till that person to apologise. if the apology never came, well tough... like i said, i don't care about such petty things.

    i guess not everyone is like me. i should remember that from now on. so, i've got a new plan, every time i go to the petrol station, i'm just going to leave the helmet on the ground when i go to pay. if it's stolen, let it be because at least that way i won't cause a conflict. :wink:
  17. or you could get a flip-front helmet, so you wouldn't have to take it off at all :LOL:.
  18. this is a fair trade. i'll remember this.
  19. good idea - except they always come in plain colours. :roll: