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Can you believe this? TEN axing the Simpsons!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. I very much doubt that.
  2. Looks like I'll have to look for a new role model.
  3. btw there is alinky on that page where you can see the new HD Simpsons intro...in stunning 320x240 res.
  4. meh, they are only re-runs at 6 anyway :roll:
  5. It is one of the only good show on 10, I don't care if it's the 100th time seeing the same ep it's still better then anything else at that time.
  6. yeah, i agree. now i don't have to watch ten at all :grin:
  7. only thing i ever watched on ten.. other than baywatch
  8. i am not a fan of the simpsons.

    yes, i have sat and watched an episode or two and have laughed. i get the humour but i have never understood why most of the general population are apesh1t over this show. i stopped watching cartoons when i was 5.

    that is all.

    edit: throw in seinfeld to my list of crap shows :grin:
  9. It went downhill when Conan Obrien stopped writing for them.
  10. i see. understand that you dont
  11. Not too bothered since they are all ones I have seen a million times. Cant say the 90 min news thing will be grabbing me though.
  12. i did some work for 10 once.. you think they are confusing.. you should see what goes in in there building.. sandra sulley wears no underpants..
  13. Cool :eek:
  14. its that tim bailey you got to look out for though
  15. :worthlesspics:
  16. this thread needs pictures!

  17. Torrents streaming the latest episodes
    no biggie, It's not like 10 has anything worthwhile, at least they gave us a sport channel for us revheads and sport nuts.
  18. they confiscated my good ones... bastards
  19. I love that i can watch the F1 live now! and moto GP i am getting into a little too.