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Can you believe in ghosts and not believe in God ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Can you believe in ghosts and not believe in God or believe in God but not believe in ghosts?

  2. depends on what you mean by believing in God

    for me, if ghosts are supposed to be the spirits of people who have died, then, no, because they are already in one place or another.

    if, on the other hand they are evil spirits or demons, then, yes ....
  3. I guess it would depend on what you believed ghosts to be and whether you're talking about the Christian God or some other deity or deities.

    I don't think I can be bothered to go through all the various permutations, but, as an example, I can see no inherent conceptual contradiction in, say, being an atheist but believing in ghosts as some sort of recorded impression on the fabric of the world. The fact that a large number of atheists would not believe such a thing on the basis of a lack of evidence does not mean that such a belief is in any way inconsistent. Quite possibly wrong, but not inconsistent :grin: .

    Similarly, we can take an example of someone who believes in a deity and in the existence of the soul and that, on death, the soul leaves the body. I see no reason why they should not also believe that the soul, on its release, buggers off elsewhere (whether Heaven or Purgatory or the Great Cosmic Waiting Room or whatever), never to return to the mortal world to hang around and make a nuisance of itself by creating cold draughts, hiding the chuck key and making the dogs bark.

    So yes, I consider that, at a conceptual level, belief in one is independent of belief in the other. Of course, at a detailed level, the nature of one belief will impact on the nature of the other.

    I do not claim to follow either of the belief systems outlined above.
  4. :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

    God is a myth and so are Ghosts

    Both written about, both stories told in ancient history, both with sketchy evidence.
  5. like has been said, it depends on what you believe them to be.

    I just don't believe in any of it.

  6. The internet is trying to sell me something about spirits. so they must be real

  7. :LOL: top find and an interesting juxtaposition with the lower advert :LOL:.
  8. That's so creepy.......... :shock: :shock:
  9. there is a spirit I believe in.

    93% ethanol/Vodka cut down to around 40% to form Party Juice!

  10. god is a ghost from the darkness :shock:
  11. Yes and Yes: Buddhism allows for ghosts but has no God (check out 'hungry spirits') - Christianity has God but no ghosts (because I think strictly speaking when a person dies their soul is supposed to go to heaven or hell, not hang around old buildings?)
  12. You are free to believe in whatever bullshit you want.
  13. he, agree with hornet.

    there are some crazy stories to be heard, especially south east asia; bali, PNG etc, as well as africa.

    Story from PNG.
    There was a missionary there in a tribe. after a while the witch doctor there decided he really didnt like the guy or his family, so he started trying to kill him. on one attempt came with several other people with weapons to kill their family while they were eating dinner, looked in the windows and saw a completely crowded house, bout 50-100 people inside. talking to them later found out no one but he family was inside. another attempt, the witch doctor shot an arrow straight at the guy, it stopped dead in the air a metre from his chest.

    In RSA, someone was cursed by the local witch doctor and was chased by snakes for the next two weeks.

    Ina small town in northern india, there was a woman who was believed to be possessed by an evil spirit. my autie's mother stopped to talk to the woman, and her dog started going nuts trying to bite and attack her. she managed to pull her dog away from the woman, when it turned and said to her "what are you doing, im trying to kill her". that was pretty freaky.

  14. QFT.

  15. My sentiments exactly, make up your own mind, believe whatever you like :cool:
  16. My point is that can you believe in one imaginary spirit and not another ??
    It's like saying that I believe in leprechauns but fairies don't exist.
  17. Yes, logically one could exist without the other, why not? If you have had an experience, or have somehow been convinced that ghosts exist but have seen no evidence to convince you of the existence of god, then that seems perfectly valid to me.

  18. I agree.
  19. jeez, you guys love to kill a discussion, don't you??? :LOL:.
  20. In some ways there's more evidence for ghosts than god. There are numerous tales of hauntings, photos that can't be guaranteed as fake, etc.

    No one even has a washed out grainy photo of god, so make of that what you will. :)

    There is always the possibility that there is something beyond the physical world that we know of or can measure or experience with our current technology and abilities. It's possible that there are realms beyond death that we have yet to properly see and understand and it's possible that some people die but leave some kind of conscious energy around. Perhaps it gets trapped, perhaps there is a choice involved, perhaps numerous other possibilities - these are things we don't currently know. We may learn more as time goes on. I hope we do.

    The point is that all this can exist without any kind of god or other deity figure and without any need for a religion that attempts to explain it through ancient mythology.

    So, yes - you can believe in ghosts and not believe in god, even though there's currently very little evidence for either.