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Can you be booked for lane splitting?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Adonis, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I am from NSW and was wondering if I can be booked for lane splitting. I understand that the politicians are debating this at the moment, but on the road I usually see other bike riders stop lane splitting when the boys in blue are spotted.

  2. In short, yes you can. In 99% of cases, you will be performing some sort of traffic infingement which you could be booked for.

    Essentially, the only real way to lane split and not be able to receive a traffic infingement is to pass on the right whilst traffic is stationery but remain within teh same marked lane as the car on your left that you are passing.

    That said, you could still get get booked for "something" ... there is always pretty much a traffic infingment to suit all cases if teh officer really wanst to apply one.
  3. I actually asked my local copper this question and he virtually told me exactly what you did......even down to ...depends on the cop that pulls you over..if they really want to book you, there's bound to be an offence they can dig up that applies.
  4. I don't know anyone in Sydney who has been booked for lane filtering thru stationary traffic.
    I do know riders who have been booked for dangerous lane splitting.
    Riding between fast moving cars.
    Lane filtering and lane splitting is considered to be two different things.
    Cops can do you for either if they want to under Neg driving laws.
    In NSW.
  5. So riding down the center lane between cars could be classed as illegal... Hmmm.

  6. Whilst the law is still unclear. There in the process of trying to change it.
    BUT each cop is different.
    Some might charge you with failing to keep left, others on passing on the right hand side.
    Depends on the officer time place, speed there mood. Many things come into play.
    I don't know anyone who has been booked for lanesplitting.

  7. Sounds very confusing and variable. I must admit that lane splitting in stationary traffic saves me lots of time and is therefore one of the attractions of riding my bike in traffic. Perhaps there is an email the cops have we could write to?
  8. :LOL: quite a name you have to live up to there adonis ;)

    /thread hijack.

    and on topic - when kraven and i were in syd we didnt know it was illegal to lanespilt there and split all the time, even past cops. Never booked. (we were only there a week tho :LOL:)
  9. It's as ilegal there as it is here AFAIK...
  10. Yeah, same thing in NSW. There are no SPECIFIC laws against it, but there's a million and one other laws that the cops can do you for, if they feel like it.

    So far as my experience goes, cops generally don't feel like it. But you never know when you'll run into a cop who's girlfriend has just dumped him and run over his dog...
  11. oh... I was told it was specificly illegal in NSW.
  12. 'Kay, I could be wrong.

    Just never heard of it as an actual offense...

    Will check it out...
  13. Technically it is Eswen. But no one I've ever met has been booked for it in city riding.
    But riders blasting between cars on major highways and motorways, between fast moving traffic, they have been done for dangerous/neg driving.
    If they booked riders in Sydney city for lane filtering, I and every other motorcycle courier would have been out of a job in a week.
  14. Its even illegal in VIC :( but depends on what you are doing. Mouth is right, I had a warning from cops few weeks ago, but it was a great one.

    I was technically Lane Filtering and not splitting at the intersection of Stud and Ferntree Gully. Cars had stopped and I came from the Back on the Right lane and passed probably 6 cars to get to the front. Did not notice and UCover Ford, Buger!! The lights went Green and I took my turn. After I had passed few metres, the buger's lights came on behind me ](*,) ](*,) . Pulled me over and I had quick chat with the Chick :-w . She was hot..with great busts. Couldn't help noticing them :shock: .

    Bottom line, she let me walk \:D/ cause I begged really hard and have no previous infringments. I was scarred as I received a warning a few months ago for popping the front wheel on Lower D'nong Rd. Lucky bastard, I got away again. Wonder which station the Chick reports to :-k Only If I could.....
  15. Where abouts on Lower Dandenong Rd? Not near where the cops hide was it (just after the Boundary Rd roundabout)? Just curious, as I live on Lower Dandy Rd.
  16. best not to draw attention to yourself, laddie
  17. 'Kay so I've just trawled my way through the Road Transport (General) Act and the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act at www.legislation.nsw.gov.au, and come up with nothing, so I stand by my original comment of:

    There are no SPECIFIC laws against it, but there's a million and one other laws that the cops can do you for, if they feel like it.

    Still happy to be proven wrong if anyone can point me to the relevant laws. (Would actually be very keen to figure this out once and for all)...
  18. Begining of Lwr D'nong and Springvale Rd. Another blue Ford Xr6 Turbo. Beware of the cars with 3 antennas. Most of them are cop cars. I passed this one and did not notice it. Left the lights and popped the front. The buger came racing after me. Ol fella, let me walk as I pleaded.

    Apologizing really works. But not sure of how long. Sure one day they'll hand me a slip. I just pray its not soon. :p
  19. You'll find most state legislation around the country is 99% similar regarding most traffic laws, as they were all standardized under the Australian Road Rules a few years back. Queensland has a slightly different clause in it's overtaking to the left law which takes out one of the million and one things they can book you for, but there are plenty of other things left.

    That's why they want to introduce the new law (ARR 151a) which specifically bans it, so there is no more grey area.
  20. Chapter 2 page 10 on the Riders Handbook Master for VIC says its Illegal to Ride between Two lanes of moving vehicles. I guess there are no rules like such for NSW. Bloody looks like all the legislators and rule Binders have landed in VIC.