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Can you affix a GPS to a bike ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Changa, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. G'day guys,

    just wondering if there's any way to affix a GPS to a bike ? Do they have special brackets, or am I crazy to think a GPS is needed on a bike ?


  2. Of course you can. Factory option on a lot of tourers.
    But they have have to be designed for bike use (waterproof etc.) and usually are available with a range of brackets.

    Or, you could just know where you're going.:wink:
  3. ...or just ride where the road takes you :D.

    Then again.. that could be a good reason to have a GPS afterall - to get home.
  4. There's a 4-5 page thread here on Netrider where we all play show-and-tell with our motorcycle GPS installations. :)

    Here, let me just...


    (Not as easy as I'd hoped; the new forum software doesn't allow search terms of 3 characters or less. Such as... "GPS")
  5. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Yep....after I posted this thread I thought I'm going to cop "Just ride where you want", or "Who needs those things"......I want to see if my speedo is accurate - that's all. I have a feeling it's out a bit.

    Once that's done I'm going wherever I feel like. i'm not having some little computer tell me where I'm turning.

  6. Use the search, it's been done to death........
  7. Bugger gps units and mounting brackets, get tomtom on your iPhone and stick it in your pocket. Nothing wrong with a little voice telling you where to go, frees up your parietal lobes for riding and traffic.
  8. Except "GPS" is not a valid search term because 3-letters-or-less words are discarded by the search engine here when you type in a search. So the words 'GPS mount' will result in a search only for the word 'mount'.
  9. Can't search for RAM either :rofl:
  10. My pov gps:


    iPhone + elastics.