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Can you actually buy a registered bike without RWC?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bonjoji, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Just a newbie curiosity, is it legal to buy a registered used bike without RWC?

    I checked Vicroads website and it says that the seller must provide a RWC issued 30days before the date of sale to the buyer & the filled vehicle registration tranfer form.

    Then the buyer must present the RWC, completed tranfer form & fees to Vicroads.

    But still there are sellers who haggle for the bike price without RWC. How can a buyer complete the transfer w/o the RWC? :?: :?: :?: :?:

  2. You cannot buy a bike without a roadworthy that is registered.

    To sell with no roadworthy means you must cancel the rego and the new owner needs to re-reg the bike.
  3. thanks vic. further on this, who should be paying for the transfer fee/duty?
  4. No, your not supposed to sell without a RWC if it still has plates and rego. As you've found out, it's occassional/common practice to do so though from some sellers.

    If you choose to get the RWC yourself though, you run the risk of the seller cancelling the registration and collecting the rego refund. You'll only find this out when you go to hand-in your transfer form, and VicRoads tells you it has no rego so you also need to get the car inspected, paying an extra $50 for the inspection and new plates. You'll have no recourse with the seller for them having cancelled the rego and got the refund, despite you thinking that it came with the rego.
  5. The buyer. It's $8 for every $200 of sale/market value.
  6. Thanks Mouth,

    So, I should not buy the bike w/o RWC and insist on the seller providing the RWC prior to completing the sale.

    I may be pushing my newbie luck here but here it goes. On completing a private purchase what are the documents that should come with the bike? (1.) RWC, (2) deed of sale? , :?: , :?: , :?: , :?:
  7. if you have the signed transfer forms that you have to get when buying a bike with reg, you should have recourse if they cancel the reg. if you buy without doing the transfer forms.... well... thats pretty silly :p

    you CAN sell without the RWC, i know it says on the site and on the papers that you have to supply an RWC when selling with reg, but there is no legal requirement unless you are a dealer. the seller has to produce an RWC when handing the forms in, vicroads dont care where the thing came from or when it was done (as long as its done before the end of the period they give you {14 days from purchase to hand in the lot or either the form and RWC or form and fees, they'll send a letter asking for the last item and you get a month from then to hand that over})

    whatever way you look at it, its much easier to get the vehicle with a current RWC :LOL:
  8. 3 things you need to hand over to vicroads:
    1- vehicle transfer form (http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/vrpdf/randl/Transferform05.pdf)
    2- RWC
    3- transfer fee and stamp duty

    like i said, vicroads dont care where it comes from unless its a dealer sale, in which case, you're signing the papers and handing the money straight to them, you never have to deal with vicroads.

    but yeah, unless the vehicle is an absolute bargain and your confident enuff to take care of everything yourself, DEFINATELY get an RWC with it...