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can ya take helmets overseas??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by f4ibike, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. i am going overseas to portugal next year and was wondering if ya can take your helmet ? as hand luggage? onto the plane? risk it and take it in cargo where it can be damaged without you knowing otherwise? i dont really want to hire one over there- or buy one also as budget is tight!

    really need to know if anyone can help me? thanks

  2. There was a thread recently about helmets on planes - seems some airlines consider them as weapons and won't allow them on. Might also pay to check what the regs are on helmets where you're going - if they are mandatory they might not recognise an AS helmet (much like Australia doesn't recognise DOT).
  3. check your tickets,
    it should not be listed as a prohibited item.

    i've done it a couple of times.

    first time i rang before the flight
    was effectively told 'no way' 'no hope',
    and was told to pack it in my luggage.

    though i did get the distinct impression
    that the person i was talking to
    had no idea of what they were talking about
    and was making their own bogus ruling on my question.
    (probably just trying to cover their own arse/ineptitude)

    so i went to the airport with the helmet in a helmet bag,
    no problems, no one questioned anything.

    with security types it seems to be
    far easier to ask for forgiveness/clemency
    than to ask for permission.

    if you ask
    the stock answer will always be no!
  4. (on a side note)

    had a similar 'no you cannot do that' experience
    with my motorcycle boots & jacket.

    after returning my hire bike
    went to LAX airport and presented myself at check-in.

    all was going well until
    i mentioned to the attendant that
    i only wished to grab my ticket now
    and i would prefer to check my luggage in later,
    as i intended to change my clothes first.

    the response was;
    "oh yes, you must wear business attire on a business flight."

    had no intention of packing my boots or jacket,
    just wanted to change my under garments.

    after changing only my under garments
    i went back to check-in
    the attendant i previous spoke to was no where in sight
    and i checked my luggage.

    then proceeded to board the plane
    with no one questioning my jacket, boots or helmet.
  5. i'd actually be rather careful... strange country and all that... with all the security hype at the moment, i'd just hire a helmet... even if it were just for piece of mind that i wouldnt drop it and it'd be safe at home.
    is there any real benefit for having your own helmet? how long you gonna be there?
  6. I didn;t even know you could hire helmets. Personally I think it's be like buying a 2nd hand helmet. You'd have no idea if it had suffered a big knock and the risk of headlice would be enough to put me off (that'd be the teacher in me).

    I would try and carry it on. Failing that I's pack it in my bag, surounded by clothes so it would be padded and protected. :)

    The other point worth mentioning is that it's possible to get reasonable helmets for as little as $130. It might be worth buying one and packing that in the bag. that way if it's damaged somewhere along the line, it's no huge loss and if everything's fine then you have a spare helmet later for pillions or if the good one is stolen etc.. :)
  7. Carried mine straight onto the plane for Cambodia via Singapore.

    The only response was a few cracks from the crew about knowing how bad the pilot was........
  8. M,

    I recently and unitentionally conducted my own experiment of placing my helmet in the cargo section of the am aeroplace.
    ref: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=27875
    I'd suggest that you be prepared to well pad and pack your own helmet to check in (not as to be carried as hand luggage). There can be a disparity between advice given over the phone and that received at the Check-in counter.
    I've seen the results of a helmet being allowed to travel without any protective bags or packaging. It was basically destroyed. From what I undertsood the airline insurance covered the helmet for approx $AUS200.

  9. I've travelled interstate via plane several times with my helmet as hand luggage...most recently this year in February going to Adelaide where I just had a back pack and my helmet seperately in its sock.
  10. I emailed a friend of mine and here's the answer I got...
    "Yes, you can carry your helmet on anyflight, as far as i'm aware. The airline just want your hand carry to be able to fit in the overhead lockers on the aircraft safely and then when you go through security into the departure lounge, they just check its not sharp or has hidden objects. Its fine, I see them go through all the time."
    Hope this helps. :)
  11. Hi all,
    I have transported 2 helmets as hand luggage
    my little brothers AGV Rossi Replica From Brisbane to London via Japan,
    my helmet I got in London, back to Brisbane via Japan.
    The staff at JAL where amused or confused as the case may be.
    I just told them it was a very expensive race helmet,
    and would not stow it in case it was damaged,
    no problems with them as standard insurance may not cover such items.
    Both helmets where in their bags,
    if that made any difference I could not tell you.