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Can world boxing be any more cynical, or corrupt, than this?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Check out Vladimir Klitchco's latest 'victory'

    the challenger has his gloves covering the top of his head, Klitchco hits him on the gloves, he falls and INJURES HIS KNEE, and the fight is stopped on a TKO :shock:


    words almost fail me :roll:

  2. after the shock of seeing how full on ufc is, iv'e become quite a fan, and so now boxing is dead to me... if i wanted to see guys standing around doing not very much at all i can just go to work and see that all day...
  3. bad link?
  4. It works.
  5. Boxing has always been like that. There've been a few great fights, but more often it's been rubbish. It gets more like professional wrestling every year...
  6. seeing how he landed (at 53 seconds), im inclined to believe it. Looked almost like a textbook dislocation. the shot clearly didn't take him down. someone that big placing that much stress on his leg (considering the angle is was on), something has to give and his knee was the victim.
  7. World boxing is going to get a lot more exciting, very soon. Ben Edwards, a Queanbeyan local has been rumoured to be looking to furthering his career in boxing after successfully becoming, and defending the title for world heavyweight kickboxing champ.
    I have seen all but one of his fights live in the VIP area. He is not your average muscle ripped fighter. He is pure skill and power.
    Very exciting prospect. Look for some of his stuff on youtube, including the infamous Hopoate KO.

  8. Yup it does look like that.

    I love watching PacMan fight, all his fights are a full on slug fest or a display of skill speed and endurance. MMA cant approach anything like this. The popularity of PacMan in his home country, in Mexico and basically all around the world begars belief.....the guy is a full blown superstar like no other boxer or MMA fighter before (apart from Ali).
  9. UFC seems more like some sort of gay prison rape fetish p0rn than a sport.

    As for boxing its suffered the same problem as many other sports. As soon as it starts being profitable, it starts becoming corrupt. The greater the money, the greater the corruption (just look at F1 or world cup soccer).
  10. you tell that to the fighters.
  11. Gladly. Just provide me with an armed escort.

    You can hardly call it "ultimate fighting" if automatic weapons aren't allowed.
  12. Not to mention a whole bunch of rules. I was watching a no rules fight the other day. I was reminded of the intro vid to unreal tournament and the idea of real (well as real as a keyboard and a mouse can be) no rules fighting.

    Just stick them in the ring with the predator.
  13. There's a problem with having a true no rules contest. People would die. That's not very sporting. But as soon as you introduce rules, or protective gear, or a ref, it's no longer a test who's the best fighter. It becomes something else.

    Personally I'm not keen to enter either type of competition. I know I'm not the best fighter. I don't need to have it proved to me again.
  14. Come on! We're all waiting for the reintroduction of lions and bears into these contests. (Otters noses don't taste the same without real sport to nibble them by.)
  15. I prefer goose nipple chips myself.
    But I can never knock back an albatross.

    Boxing is bullshit. MMA is about as close as you're gonna get to a real contest.
  16. I hardly think you can say that corruption in boxing is a new thing; it's as old as the sport itself, for the reasons stated. Some of the great heavyweight bouts of the late sixties and early seventies were questionable, to say the least....
  17. Which vid, and to which UT?
  18. GOTY edition, the vid that plays when opening. When I say reminded, it was more the voice-over which mentioned no-rules combat and then playing with flak cannons etc.

    Damn, now I want to go and play it.