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Can we include this on Sat morning practice?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by PSYKC, Nov 20, 2015.

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  2. Wish I had a thimbleful of that talent!

    Love the "backward bunny hop" and the dismount... :D

    All MT-09 (07?) riders - this is now expected of you.
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  3. Maybe this sort of thing would be more achievable though..

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  4. Looks great but I think we'd need to sign a sponsorship deal for cones, lol! :)
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  5. I thought I pulled that video of myself......guess not.....
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  6. Beaten by PSYKCPSYKC
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  7. Lol your average crim would battle to get away from those fellas!
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  8. Maybe a chalk line instead? Cheaper.. Less likely to cause a stack if you run over it too.
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  9. Really like that idea! Wonder if I could do that in the parking lot I occasionally practice in!!! Good thinking!!!
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  10. Not in Victoria - the Anti pursuit policy would take care of that. :whistle:
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  11. And bright orange KTM's are way easier to see coming.....