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Can we beat the Poms ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mcsenna, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. First Test starts tonight, Aussies are underdogs which is right and propper.
    Then again so was Border's 1989 side and look what happened then 4 zip.
    I know I'm probably the only here who cares so don't waste keystrokes telling me so.
    C'mon Aussie c;mon...... :applause:

  2. No.
    Signed, a Pom.

    But seriously, I reckon the Poms will have convinced themselves that they can win without even trying and then they'll get spanked.

    They will probably bring their game to the second test and then it'll be on.
  3. not a snowflakes chance in hell.

    they wont win one test.
  4. Who is they, may I ask ? Just so we know whether to cheer you or throw shite at you later.
  5. ha! you can cheer while youre throwing shite if you like-
    the only thing that will stop the poms from winning all will be rain...
  6. I don't reckon we can win this series, but we'll win a test.

    Having smith in our side doesn't help, I don't rate him at all
  7. I dont like short odds, I'm backing the Aussies, stand by to watch me gloat and thow shite at Nosoh.
  8. ok then, i will be the one in the corner, crying, wearing a blues scarf.
  9. Hush now it is still footy season
  10. cmon on aussie cmon cmon Aussies to win a couple, Last test for decider
  11. Hopefully they get an A+ for their test.
  12. If we can actually score some runs then there is no reason why not but the trend over the last few years seems to be that our top and middle order always seem to be in a big hurry to get back to the change rooms without too many runs.

    Last night was another good example of that by the looks. The bowlers did the job and there seems to be plenty of promise and potential from them. Not much good having a decent bowling attack when you don't have any batsmen to put a score on the board. Perhaps we need boof to pad up?
  13. Bring back the boof!
  14. Can we beat the Poms ?
    Not until we learn to bat....
  15. I expect our bowlers to put up a decent (if slightly uninspired) performance and our batsmen to choke.

    That'll lead to some promising situations where our hopes are built up only to dashed at the last minute :oops:
  16. Good start, disappointing top order collapse. They'll settle in once they get acclimatized to the warm beer again.
  17. Looks like the lower order are going to have to get the runs and the wickets. Watched the first few wickets last night before declaring for the day. Lol
    Too late to stay up and watch the rest but in the highlights I liked the ball that got Clarkey out.
  18. I've seen better Batters in a Fish n Chip shop
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  19. disappointing yes, even remotely unexpected no.
  20. Back off hairy legs, the fat lady hasn't sung yet and the poms batted like crap as well.