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Can someone recommend good bike gloves?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Spud Gun, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. I recently bought a pair of Rjays gloves. They fit well in the shop, but when on the bike for a couple of hours, the seams cause a lot of discomfort. I checked Ebay and there is plenty there, but I want to try before I buy. I wouldn't mind getting something more main stream (Joe Rocket, Alpine Stars) but I never see those brands in shops for some reason. There are also lots of unbranded gloves around, but can anyone recommend a decent, comfortable and affordable make or model?

  2. Check out the Joe Rocket midrange GPX gloves, Matt232 and I swear by them, the most comfy gloves I've owned with brilliant lever feel and they make your hands look like skeletor's.
  3. I have a a summer and a winter pair of AGV Sport gloves (Titan I think for both), and I find both really comfortable and both suit there purposes perfectly.

    Summer ones have good ventilation and the winter ones are really warm and water-proof... I would recommend them
  4. I just bought a pair of RJays Viper Gloves from the Bikeshop in Richmond [on Swan and next to Dimmys]. there are worth $120+ but i got them for much less [75 i think]. so far a great pair of gloves. fit really well. but not made for winter. will be great for summer.

    i am on the lookout for a pair of winter gloves. saw a Fieldsheer glove at Bikebarn that looks like what i am looking for.

    what weather glove are you looking for?
  5. quick tip from Tasmania the frozen raining ice cubes state....

    If wet weather is coming pop down to the chemists and get a pack of surgi-gloves. Keep some in teh under seat compartment and if it states to pour wear these under your gloves. It stops the water, and protect against windchill plus your hand keeps warm!!!

    the other bonuses are you dont leave finger prints and when that car / truck spats you with a dead thing picking road kill of you bike is a lot easier too.
  6. I am looking for Summer and Winter gloves as my current winter ones are unbrandd and not water proof, and are a bit past their sell by after 1.5 years of use. My Summer gloves are the Rjays with the dodgy inside seams.
  7. :WStupid:
  8. Yes, but your gloves still get soaking wet and will take time to dry, plus the water in them will eventually make your hands cold, though admittedly not as much or as quickly as it would without surgi-gloves. My solution was to get a pair of thick rubber gloves and put them OVER the riding gloves. I'm talking about things like those pink and yellow gloves used for doing the dishes, but I found mine in black, calling themselves 'garden gloves'. They don't stand out at all, in any case anyone driving in the rain will have much more important things to worry about than what you've got on your hands... the only drawback is they do take away some of the feel on the controls. Still, it's another option to consider.
  9. I try to dress in layers the best way to keep warm, I find the Thick winter gloves to cumbersome, so I use , Silk inners , then linen inners, then gloves over the top ,
    if it's pissing down out come the surgi gloves
  10. Do the surgical gloves not make your hands sweat? I imagine that your fingers would prune on a long ride with those on. I like the garden gloves idea. All you would need then is a butchers apron and a hockey mask and you would never have anyone give you grief on the road! :grin: So do you all opt for these options? Are waterproof gloves not that waterproof?
  11. You'd be surprised, your hands don't get that cold at all. Your comments are fair enough, and common sense would tell me you're right, but it's not that bad in reality.

    I also sometimes wear a set of draggin's kevlar gloves under the leather so-called winter gloves, they work almost as well, but the added bulk really stuffs up the feel on the levers.

    Big advantage of the kevlar gloves is you can chuck em on the exhaust headers when you stop for fuel/drink etc, being kevlar they wont burn (pit crews use them to change stinkin' hot brake pads etc), but get nice and toasty warm :cool:

  12. one of the nicest gloves ive put on was the day dainese rossi gloves
    but for 400 buck i was hoping they come with air bags or something lol :LOL: :LOL:
  13. That's just it - they aren't. Not waterproof enough to hold up to riding a couple of hours in hard rain. Perhaps the really expensive ones would be, but I reckon if it's going to cost me 400 bucks I'd rather get the same result from $80 or so for the average winter glove and plus $5 for garden gloves. I'm not a long distance tourer anyway, so this solution works for me... it might not be good enough for others.
  14. They crash good too.
  15. My favourite gloves are Teknics speedstars. I recently bought the new 2006 version at bikebiz which at 145 it were an absolute steal. Kangaroo palms are very comfy and protection is second to none. The new AStars alloys are also pretty good but not as heavy with less protection. You can get them from the US for about 80.
  16. Collins rs race, feel good, look cool with the carbon knuckles and are cheap.
    $100 I paid from collins.
  17. http://www.alpinestars.com/moto/gloves_st1drystarglove.html

    I have the above gloves and love them for colder temps. Yes they get wet in big downpours or long rides in the rain, but my hands stay warm and dry.
    When I stop and take them off, I just give them a good wringing out before putting them back on, and the insides are a still dry.
    Only problems is that you have to grab them by the fingertips to take them off, as the inner fingers tend tend to come out.
  18. +1 for Joe Rockets, nothing else is in the same league for suppleness. I don't have any at the moment, but have used them plenty.

    I've got Spidi's at the moment, great leather quality, but a ta premium price over the JR's.

    I've had Dainese, but won't go back again unless I get a suitable bike to pose around on. I hate paying too much just for a brand name.