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can someone recomend a bike to me please

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by casper1989, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Hey all. First off just let me say fantastic site.

    Going for my L's in about a month and was looking at getting a road bike. After looking around and doing some futher reading i think that a road/trail duel purpose bike would suit me more as i live on a dirt road and most of the roads in my area are dirt however i will be riding it around the city from time to time

    can anyone suggest a bike that would suit these needs

    any help is greatly appreciated
  2. depending on budget, a DR-Z 400 is what you want. $8,990 plus on roads.
    alternatively you could find one second hand
  3. Hey thanks for the quick reply. I should have mentioned that before. My budget is about 5K and im looking for something second hand
  4. As Nathan said, the Suzuki DR-Z400 is a good choice.

    Also, the Kawasaki KLR-650 is pretty popular in the segment. Pretty reliable thumper (single cylinder). 22 litre fuel tank for excellent range. Will suit a tall bloke like yourself, with more than enough power for a learner. :cool:

    Check out www.bikesales.com.au , choose your preferred bike, and select Victoria. If you find a bike you like, have it inspected by a mechanic. This bloke at www.madbiker.com.au charges $110.

    Remember to allow about $1000 for some decent gear (helmet, jacket, kevlar lined jeans, gloves, boots) and $250 for the learner's course. On a $5000 bike you will also be slugged $200 stamp duty by VicRoads. :(

  5. KLE500 - smooth six speed twin be my choice. Then KLR650, , DR650 and DRz400 should all be close to your price range and more than capable

    Been discussed a few times recently so search is your friend :cool:
  6. thanks for all the replies so far guys

    what do you think of the honda xr400?
  7. No Electric start - IMHO forget it. Unless you want a serious trail bike, and the weight saving is a major issue.

    Know a few guys who have bought older kick starts over the years and were sold within a few months.
  8. A traillie is a good choice. You might want to think about tyres though as different makes and tread patterns are more suitable for road or dirt. Choose the one that best meets your intended usage.