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Can someone please explain LAMS to me

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kmh987, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Got a letter in the mail yesterday explaining that QLD is moving to LAMS rather than a 250cc restriction. For example the Yamaha szr660 is an approved LAMS, so does the bike come with some sort of limiters on it for while you have you RE licence and they can be taken out once I have my R licence, or is it as is? It just seems weird that they now consider a 660 safe when all I could use was a 250 before

    Thanks in adavance

  2. LAMS (in NSW at least) is not based on capacity but on a complicated formula giving an allowable power-to-weight ratio. Thus a lightly-tuned 600 may have the same power-to-weight ration as a highly-tuned 250.

    LAMS bikes over 250cc in NSW have some sort of power-limiting device which can be disconnected/re-tuned after the rider gets his/her full license, turning a 650cc bike, for example, into a 'full' 650 and thereby encouraging people to keep the same bike they had while on restrictions.
  3. Good thanks. How are you? :p

    First post...
  4. The reason that these larger capacity bikes are now available for learners is because the government had realised that a cc rating is not the be all and end all when it comes to the power of a bike. The bikes on the LAMS list are generally in a mild state of tune (for their engine capacity) and while the power of these bikes is not incredible, the extra torque, size and other factors make the range of bikes for learners better for people who are heavier, larger or who may be doing a lot of long range stuff.
  5. i'll tell u what LAMS means

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  6. Hornet pretty much answered it in his first paragraph - power-to-weight ratio is it.

    The Qld LAMS model is lifted from Vic and will be implemented from 1 July. That's what I was told about one month ago when I rang QT to ask about the bike licence restrictions I'll face (if any) when I move back to Brisbane in 3 or 4 months time.
  7. (power/weight of bike) * 1000 kg - this gives the kw/tonne figure.

    if your bike is greater than 150kw/1000 kg this its not lams legal.

    that said providing that your bike is standard a lot of the performance variants of the regular bikes have been left of the exclusion list.

    the honda jade has a 195kw/tonne power to weight and has been left off the banned list for learners. Ooooopps for the government there.

    the exclusion list is on the Qt website look it up.
  8. Close, power/weight of bike (+90kg to cover fuel & rider) * 1000 kg - this gives the kw/tonne figure.

    That's for Victoria anyway, different states might uses different values for rider & fuel weight. If you add 90kg to your Jade I suspect it may fall below 150KW/Ton.
  9. The only correction from hornet is that most LAMS bikes don't have restrictors but are just fairly low powered for their capacity...
  10. Is that a slightly sheepish look? :p
  11. That was baaaaad!

    I'll stop and be good now, promise.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong but don't they sometimes have ecus that have been mapped differently and sometimes lower rev limiters?
  13. Yes Some do I can think of 2 Hyosungs, 3 Suzuki's, and a couple of Ducatis.
    but as I said most don't...
  14. Ahhh, missed that word. Thanks for clearing that up