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Can someone please explain how it got to be like this?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    In all seriousness, someone please explain it. I have a theory, does anyone else?

  2. Getting ridiclus
  3. I think it’s for insurance purposes.
  4. That would make sense. Sad but true.

    Do you know why they don't put on a bike meeting at Bathurst any more? Because they can't get insurance. At all - at any price. Sign of the times.
  5. Trip hazard from the wires, I guess?
  6. Insurance is a soft market atm but it's hardening. Remember back in the late 90's I think it was, when liability insurance premiums went through the roof? Well I expect in about 2 - 3 years the market will harden, and we will see the same thing. Higher liability premiums and a difficulty in obtaining cover.

    And yes, the sign etc. in that picture is most likely for insurance purposes.
  7. Did they go through a broker and did the broker try a DOFI?
  8. The next question is: Whose fault is it that it needs to be there?
  9. Does that say Holroyd city council?
  10. looks like it. It was a country fair thing in merrylands. It was also rubbish. why?
  11. Council I pay my rates to, looks like central gardens
  12. 1. Insurance
    2. "Fear" of litigation -- because no-one wants to take responsibility for their own actions anymore. The very first question is: "Who can I blame?" rather than, "Well, I fücked that one up, didn't I?"
    3. Wanking little bureaucrats with nothing better to do than exercise their "power" to make the plebs' lives bloody miserable
  13. wow,
    even a spotlight to keep the extremely dangerous sign post well lit.
    and i think that's ?.. there is even an ambulance there ?
    , just in case someone does make it over the fence and gets to the sign, therefore suffers horrendous injuries from the extremely dangerous sign post.

    omg.. those people on the boardwalk are getting dangerously close... and they're not even wearing high vis vests, hard hats and ear plugs. that's just crazy
  14. i seem to have missed the point, where is the safety risk? some tripping over a guide wire? someone tipping the pole over?

    They are having a laugh arent they???
  15. I am led to believe it's our own fault. Our as in us as a nation. We are meant to be the second most litigious nation on earth now. We don't settle out the back of the pub anymore. We settle outside of court.
    WTF is happening to this great nation. GF ya bastards.
    Call me a redneck, I'm off to have a beer, kick the dog and watch footy
  16. Funny thing about insurance. It was invented so that you could indulge in risky activities. Now its primary function is to stop you.

    Think about it.......
  17. I reckon it's just so nobody fcuks with the sign.
  18. Get drunk and face-plant a star post and you'll get the point, literally. But yes, we're living in a world that increasingly systematises (approves, engenders) people's failure to take responsibility for their selves.

    I don't know the context, but yeah if they were expecting drunks then star posts (from what I can see on my phone) are not smart.
  19. So install the signpost properly - sink a 1m receiver into the grass (100mm below the surface and capped so you can fill it over when not in use) and there's no need for water ballast tank and star pickets.

    The way they have done it half-arsed, and yes - potentially dangerous, hence the fencing and sign. Point is that it should have been done properly and there would be no issue.
  20. welcome back. The sign was only going to be there for one evening.