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can someone help me out with oil change on a cbr 250rr

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by brendan, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. can somene help me out with an oil change on a cbr 250 rr just some pointers

  2. Take the bike for a quick spin, then let the bike rest for 20 mins or so. This will allow the oil to run out easier, and it won't be so hot that you scold youeself.

    Remove the fairing, then unscrew the sump plug, being careful to not let it drop into your catch pan (or old ice cream container!) or else it will end up messy. Let it drain for 20 minutes or more. Replace the sump plug, paying attention to the condition of the washer, it may be best to buy a new one when you pick up the new oil.

    It is best to change the oil filter at the same time as an oil change. Once you have drained the old oil, unscrew the oil filter, and screw on a new one just hand tight (not too tight! It will tighten up more under normal operating temps).

    Fill the bike with the required amount of oil, including the capacity of the oil filter (this may be marked in an area near the dipstick).

    Start the bike, allow it to get warm, and check the oil level as usual, topping up if need be.

    *better to underfill it the first time round than overfill it for obvious reasons!*
  3. where about are you in the world??
  4. If the bike has a centrestand, do the oil change with the bike on that stand. After the flow of old oil has slowed to a dribble, tip the bike slightly off-centre on the stand and put a little piece of wood (maybe 2cm thick) under one of the legs and leave for another couple of minutes. This will ensure that all the old oil, the last of which contains most of the impurities, has been drained away.
  5. The bike won't have a centrestand, so if you dont have a race stand, prop the bike up for a minute or two. When fitting the new oil filter, smear some new oil around the gasket with your finger to ensure a good seal.

    I forgot to earlier mention that after running the bike briefly you should perhaps cast a cautionary eye over the bellypan, filter, etc for any signs of leaks. A simple job, one that is well within every rider's capabilities, good luck!
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  7. And buy yourself a torque wrench. In 3/8 drive. And a socket attachment to fit the oil filter. Because I hear too many tales of "how come the sump plug stripped?" "I can't get the oil filter off" Because it's newby nature to tighten everything till it strips, then give it 1/2 a turn more. Trust me -you will use that torque wrench more than you would ever think.