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Can someone explain this sticker to me?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ibast, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Riding to work when I see this on the back of a work truck:
    "It's not road rage, it's motorcycle awareness"

    Either way I don't get it, but I guess it's anti-bike.

    To add confusion to the matter, next to it was another sticker:
    "Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the sole".

    So that confused me even more.

    Maybe one of his work mates put the latter sticker on to piss him off.

    Maybe I'm just missing something.

  2. Sounds to me like it's pro-bike, maybe he's yelling at people on the road to make them pay more attention.
  3. Sounds pro-bike to me, just doesn't make much sense when it's on a truck...
  4. Yeah at a guess I'd say he's pro bike: pro-horn-using, hand-signalling, yelling etc to let people know that he is around?
  5. It's seems he's pro bike... Like smashing cage mirrors etc.

    Was it sole or soul? If it was sole, that's very confusing...
  6. Soul. I am an idiot.

    The sticker was on a work truck, not a bike.
  7. Maybe he delivers fish by bike and cadavers by car.
  8. Yeah, very strange place to put it, if it was on a bike it would make sense...

    That's the only logical thing I can take away from it... Maybe there was no logic to it.
  9. Mabey he is also into riding bikes?
  10. He drives the truck as part of work and rides on weekends? Wording is a bit strange, sure, don't see what the mystery is though.
  11. I've thought of putting bike awareness stickers on my partner's car, and giving them to any family members who would put them on theirs. Emphasises the point that we are not only legitimate, but embedded in the broader community (inlcuding the broader road user community).
  12. Yeah, "my other car is a bike so don't f*cking run over them" would be very effective!
  13. I think what it means is "smashing mirrors = motorcycle awareness".
  14. Swerving towards other cars to let a bike through????

    Probably rides a water pump anyway.
  15. +1 to that. I've been saying to people that I want one for my van.

    Do you know of any such stickers?
  16. If he was driving his truck in a manner that is motorcycle aware, how could it resemble road rage?

    That only thing I can think is he is aware of bike and tries to run them over as a matter of course and therefore is resembles road rage.
  17. Seems straight forward to me, think about it;

    Stupid cager get a scare by bike speeding past or with loud pipe, stupid cager gets road rage. Sticker says otherwise, its not road rage, its bike awareness. No brainer IMHO.
  18. Quite simple to me. Definitely pro-bike... smashing mirrors that aren't getting used anyway, or snapping off an antenna= motorcycle awareness.

    We all need to pay the bills, only a fortunate few can do that whilst riding. Most tradies however, will have some kind of truck/ute/van that they drive as a part of earning a crust. I'd say he's got the stickers on there not only to make other cagers more aware of the fact that they share the road with motorcycles, but also to let those lucky enough to be on their bike while he's driving to his next job that he rides too, and is more likely to be aware of your presence than the Camry driver in the next lane.
  19. or the meat pie and stubby in his lap
  20. Makes a little more sence, but it's still backwards. If you aren't pissed off then you are aware. If you were pissed off, then you weren't aware.

    so the sticker is still nonsence.