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Can someone clarify positioning in a multilane road for me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. I am still learning road positioning as multilane roads seem to throw the rule book out the window. Only this morning on my way to work I saw a new Merc drift into another lane and acutally press the side of the car beside it (I don't mean wing mirrors, I mean bodywork). Where is the best place to be in a multilane environment? I assume the middle lane of a 3 lane road is out of bounds as there is too much going on. Is the centre of the lane the best position for a middle lane? In the right most lane, is it best to stay to the left or right of that lane? Would that not place me too close to oncoming traffic? :shock:

  2. Best position? The furthest distance you can get from any car : )
  3. Exactly. You'll regularly, almost to teh point of constantly, change lane position in multi-lane roads during busy periods. Left of lane, right of lane, middle of lane. Whichever is the best at the time to keep the, as said, "furthest distance you can get from any car"
  4. On a freeway, the safest lane is the one closest to the dividing median strip, sure its closer to the cheese cutters but you only "need to worry" about one lane of cars that can change into your lane. The middle lane suffers from cars either side of you and the left lane suffers from merging traffic and from the right lane to you.

  5. Plus you are positioned on the drivers side of any vehicle beside you, increasing you chances of being seen.
  6. For me.... When I am on the freeway alone I tend to ride on the inside lane .. I know there is traffic coming onto the freeway etc but I just move into the middle land and then back again. I feel more comfortable knowing if I want to pull over or slow down a little, then I am in the best lane to do it. Mind you .. I do like to keep as far away from the cheeze cutters as possible and try not to focus on them while riding. *shudder*

    When I ride with others on the freeway I tend to ride where ever it feels the most comfortable... and that can depend on lots of things .. ie traffic, how many of us etc etc. I am a lot more confident when riding with others on the freeway. Not sure why? Hmm
  7. hmmmmm, freeway, has no one ever heard of 'keep left unless overtaking' any multi lane road 80kmh or over and this road rule applies

    man i hate lane hogs.
  8. I agree with you there Taz. I always feel more comfortable when there is more than one rider. ie: I am being accompanied. :) Don't know the reason either. Maybe it is just reassuring that someone will help you if something should happen.
  9. I ride where I feel there is less harm.. Sounds weird I know.. But I will ride were I feel safe.. If i see a car being a bit weird or something I will change lanes as far away from that car as I can... On my way to work the highway goes from 4 lanes to 3... I try to keep away from the merging traffic and goo wayyy right becaue they are crazy... I stay in that lane until I am way past the merge bridge and then I will move lanes..

    I guess it all depends on how you feel and what is going on a round you

    Lisa :twisted:
  10. On the freeway the left lane is where I'll be, but when driving in Sydney there is no shortage of 60kph multilane roads, and there is no overtaking lane as such. Just a lane you need to be in to get where you are going. So unfortunately staying in the left lane for the duration isn't an option.
  11. According to the VicRoads Victorian Rider booklet 'quote'
    i) Place yourself on the road where you can be seen
    ii) try and maintain the 3 second rule (difficult I know)
    iii) ride in the right hand wheel track where you can be seen in both rear view and side mirrors and by oncoming traffic
    iv) When riding on a multi lane road avoid the centre lane unless there is a median strip, otherwise you have to watch out for traffic in both directions. Ride in the right hand wheel track when travelling in the left lane and the left hand wheel track when travelling in the right lane
    v) when overtaking on a multilane road where there is no median strip with traffic in both directions maximise the distance from other vehicles. Ride in the centre of lane but watch for oil slicks
  12. On the freeway, I usually always travel on the right most (closest to median) lane. In this lane I keep to the left wheel track. When I come up to car that's in the lane to the left of me, I give them every opportunity to see me in their side mirrors. Right before the front of my wheel passes the car's rear tail I move over to the right of the lane giving myself as much distance as possible. Then I speed up and get out of their blind spot as quick as possible. Once I pass them, I return to the left wheel track.

    Keep reminding yourself to do this, and eventually you'll do it without even thinking about it.
  13. Mutli lanes roads....shivers....Bring on the Reefton!
    Seriously though, its about maintaining visibility with the driver. In tune with what Takagawa stated. Try to avoid riding side by side with cars where possible. This doesn't rule out someone just barging in anyway, some seem to think bikes don't have a right to a lane (happened to me once or twice), but I normally just squirt ahead when this happens and lane split one or two cars and settle into a new gap.
    Stay cool, stay alert, stay alive!
  14. i got a piece of advice from the trainer on my l's course 'the left lane is the fastest and the safest lane'

    funny enough it seems to hold true most of the time. merging traffic always seems hell bent on getting into the right lane and most cars seem to stick to the right 2 lanes. heaven forbid they should ever venture further over and keep left, wankers.

    have you ever noticed how when cars in the middle lane have somebody pull in front of them (and theres someone in the right) that they sit right up the guys arse instead of moving over to the left? wtf?!?
  15. where's a cheese cutter on the road? unless u r goin thru Bega or such. please explain.

  16. I reckon the most important thing to think about is getting yourself level with the driver or just in front of the cars beside you.

    Doesn't matter where you are in the lane if they don't see you and decide to change - best to make sure you're seen!
  17. You probably dont have them in Canberra. Down here in Victoria we have these wire rope barriers that run along the centre median strips of our highways and major roads to prevent the cages from having head on collisions. Sadly for us bikers they only serve to kill, maim & injure us.
  18. oh those things, yeh we have em to, theyre soposed to be much better for the cages then the normal bariers, but yeh i see ur point, cheese graters :-&
  19. Re: Can someone clarify positioning in a multilane road for

    WHen I did my learners they taught us that on a multilane road the safest place was in the left wheel track of the rightmost lane.
  20. I try to stick to these

    Try to stick to the right hand wheel track, most people can see you the best when on this side of the lane, two way street etc, highway whatever.

    When on the right most lane try to stick to the left hand wheel track, again people will see you rather than not see you.

    As for lanes at Q-Ride was told to stick to the middle lane doing the speed and staying in the right hand wheel track, this way people will see you, well should see you the reason is that the laft most lane will have cars exiting and entering the highway all the time, the right most lane will should be free for cars truck bikes who want to pass by other cars and stuff, you can really sit in the right hand most lane anymore as you can be fined for it, even in QLD.

    Keep a 2 second gap between yourself and the thing ahead, some take the items postion ahead and take a pole coming up along the side of the road when the pole passes by the car count to yourself 1001, 1002, 1003 etc each 100X will be close to 1 second.

    Keep an eye out on whats behind you, I don't seem to have many problems with cars behind me on the highway but when I'm in city streets you'll have cars sitting a few metters off your ass, you can either sit doing the speed or speed down the road to give them 2+ seconds of space even if they think they don't need it, you'll want it anyway.

    Try to sit in a spot behind a car in view of their mirrors or move so that they can see your there in the rear view mirror etc, no good sitting in a spot and wondering if they have seen you or not.

    If they at least know your around them they'll keep an eye out for you.

    Also try to strick to the road rules, IE no road splitting etc pass safty rather than cutting cars off etc.

    Even though your on a bike and can run rings around cars etc, still better to be safe rather than sorry.

    Also if your've been sitting behind a set of cars and they havn't moved and etc remember their postioning and if you pass them by remember where they are at behind you, because if your want to change lanes you'll know where to look for a car if it's still there or way behind you.