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Can/should I take bike to the UK?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gobbledegeek, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. I'm possibly going to a funeral in the UK and I would like to take my bike but what costs are involved and would it more practical to hire one there instead?

    Should mention that I'm still on restrictions here so may not be an option at all!
  2. I'd say unless you have a really good reason (eg. sentimental) and cost is of little importance, I wouldn't bother. It's been a long while since I checked, but you are looking at space in a container, which is 6-10 weeks. You have to drain all the fluids (including engine oil I believe) and disconnect the battery. Also, you are charged on volume rather than weight so most people custom build wooden crates so they can pull off the wheels & forks and fit the bike into a smaller space. When it arrives, you have to somehow get to the port and spend most of a day filling in customs forms, then pick up your bike & reassemble (so you have to bring all your fluids + tools to do this). You could pay a company to handle all this for you, but I expect it would massively increase the cost.

    Then you have to go through the same process to get it back here. I'm wildly guessing, but I expect if you did it all yourself it would be $1500-$2000 per direction, multiply by 1.5x if you get someone to do it for you - plus you lose the use of the bike for up to 20 weeks. Also, what happens if you send it 10 weeks beforehand and it takes 12 because of bad weather? or if you send it 12 weeks beforehand and it takes 6? You usually get 7 days grace to pick it up at the other end, but after that you pay storage costs.

    All in all, unless you are moving there to live or have wads of cash to throw away, I wouldn't bother.. It would be cheaper to buy another bike over there & give it away afterwards.
  3. Not unless your rich, and then you wouldnt be asking this question in the 1st place if you were. A tad impractical.
  4. Dude.

    Just contact a dealer and get a buy back option on a new / used bike.

    Based on return condition / miles etc. in your contract, the dealer then just sells the bike as an ex demo.

    you could pay the net difference of about 500 pounds.

    This is the way to go
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    After more research, it seems I might be able to hire a bike for less than 400 pounds for the week so I guess that's the way to go.
  6. watch your travel insurance. some of them don't cover injuries from motorcycling.
  7. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. If you want you can get a Carnet De Passage (or the UK equivelant). That allows you to ride around on Aus rego and license. Biggest factor then would be the shipping and clearance costs. Wouldn't do it unless you were planning to stay in the UK for a year or so.
  9. Dried Graze - if you're only going for a week get a hire bike - there's about 9 companies in the UK and Raceway Rentals have a branch in London. Prices vary so Google and compare.

    Shipping or airfreighting for just a week would not be a viable option unless you REALLY like riding your own bike and have plenty of money.

    My business (Get Routed) ships Aussie bikes to the UK each year - one shipment annually at present arriving in early May and being loaded for the return journey at the beginning of July or September if you want to stay longer. The idea is that it's a service for people who want to go to the Isle of Man TT or tour Europe, or both for 8 weeks or 16 weeks, depending on which shipment you want your bike shipped home in.

    Shipping time - some up there is talking crap. I loaded a container of bikes in Felixstowe, UK on 13 September and the ship is due into Sydney at Botany Bay at 5am on 18 October.

    For other posters, you don't need a Carnet de Passages en Douane for the UK & Europe or the USA for that matter. Shipping cost will be $3114 return for next year and that includes Marine Insurance and all the UK Clearance paperwork and Quarantine inspections. It's a ride in/ride out service and it is NOT necessary to remove any or all fluids from your bike. I do however insist that petrol tanks contain no more that 3 litres of petrol. Batteries must be disconnected and the leads taped.