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Can see crud in the tank

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mewnz, May 24, 2008.

  1. Pretty much as the title says, I gots black floaters in the tank.

    Was wondering if this is a horrible thing or not, it's only got a bit of fuel in there (I noticed the stuff after putting it in), don't wanna put the rest in if I'm just gonna have to drain it or something.

    How do I go about getting rid of it, if I need to?

    Halp? :grin:

  2. Is it rust? If it is, you may want to reseal the tank. I have some chemicals here left over from when I did mine (shame your in Sydney)

    What ever it is, it will clog your filter if it hasn't already.
    I'd drain the tank then get some kero and wash it out. Then use an airline to blow dry it. Do this several times.
    Then clean the fuel tap filter etc before putting it all back together,
  3. Apologies for the hijack but do you know what those chemicals are by any chance?
  4. I'll go and look
  5. Doesn't really say except for one is an acid which dissolves rust and the other is a metal prep for the third bottle of sealer.
    The rust dissolver works like you wouldn't believe.

    I bought a kit which can do about 2-3 tanks but only used it for the one rusty tank I had.
    I still have the rust dissolver mixed up and can be used multiple times.
    It had to be diluted to the volume of my tank (17Ltrs is)h so the liquid touches all surfaces in the tank.
  6. The rust dissolver will be phosphoric acid, sometimes with a little zinc phosphate added.
    I've already done the tank clean and derust, was curious what they might have been using as a sealer.
  7. Just go and buy the kit its called kreem and will fix the problem :wink:
  8. I have a spare Kreem kit if you want it - I was just going to throw it out. Send me a PM tonight if you're interested, because it's in Newcastle and I'll be going back there tomorrow afternoon, so I can post it then.
  9. Kreem kit costs about $90