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can police fine you for giving the forks?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by markwearspants, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. so i was riding home from last day of uni today, and a unmarked police car cut me off on a multi-lane 70km/h road, to the point where he gunned it, squeezed in then hit the anchors so he doesn't hit the guy in front of him, i had to hit the brakes pretty hard myself

    me being pretty angry about it pulled up beside him tooted the horn then basically said "wtf" with hand gestures. he then pulled me over, got my license, went to his car and done his thing came back all pissed off and drove off. can they get me for anything?. btw it was in melbourne

    didn't realize it was a cop until i backed off and saw the bloody antennas.

    cheers guys
  2. This is why we need to all have helmet cams
  3. If he didn't give you anything on the spot or tell you that you will get something in the mail then I wouldn't worry bout it.

    Not sure if there is a fine for flipping the bird or whatever anyway - he was probably just looking at ur record to see if he could sting you for something...
  4. ah cool. yeah didnt say anything. ive only been on the road for 4 months so i dont have anything on my record
  5. Yes, you aren't allowed to use your horn for any purpose other than to alert another road user to your presence. Look it up in the vic road rules (Vicroads website has them) to find out specifics and penalty.

  6. Sounds like that's exactly how he used it.
  7. +1.

    I'dd say the reason the cop was so angry was that he was embarrassed and angry at himself for such a stupid mistake. He will probably be doing paranoid head checks for the next six months before any move left or right. You may have taught him a valuable lesson. Glad you weren't hurt.
  8. Missus had a similar thing happen to her. Cops nearly run her off the raod on the Princes Freeway, forcing her to brake to avoid being clouted. At 110 kays such a thing can scare the bejeezuz out of you. She slammed on the horn and gesticulated wildly at them. The driver acknowledged her but kept driving.

    And these guys are allowed to circumvent the laws of physics that dictate that speed kills, that erratic driving kills, that inattention kills, that parking dangerously kills (or at least causes traffic flow problems), that sort of thing.
  9. make a complaint online!

    quick results

    dont let some fag having a bad day harass you
  10. So far I have 2 major onroad police harassment scenarios, (Both in a car). In both cases I described in detail there actions and why they were dangerous and illegal, (No bullshit, just the facts) and demanded there badge number.
    In both cases they backed off and no infringement was issued (Though they had begun with threats of everything they could throw at me)
    No matter how much of a bully they are, they are not stupid enough to put them selves up for a review of there actions un-necessarily.
  11. He had to give you the once over to save face and assert his authority.

    He was just doing a lisence check in the hope of getting you for something.

    But don't bother complaining. He couldn't have possibly put your life at risk, because he wasn't speeding.