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Can of worms.. Petrol.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ward_4e, May 8, 2006.

  1. I have gotten a few tanks of bad petrol recently and with the rising cost of fuel ($1.42+ down here) I wanted to know what the petrol stations are supplying us. So I went looking for the product data sheets from Mobil, Caltex/Shell etc... I thought if I could get a product sheet and check to see which was the one with least "aromatics" ie touluen, benzine misc crap that waters down the petrol and plays havock with octane ratings... I would start using the one that seemes the "purest" funny term in petrol...

    I cant find anything! I can find loads of sheets on Aviation fuels, Light Marine Fuel Desil 1 and 2 but nothing on petrol? It makes you wonder what crap they could be pumping to the stations and we are using...

    I found a determination of petroleum fuels here:


    But nothing on what they are actualy suppling us... Does anyone have clue on a what they are supplying and where?

    To give you an idea how crap the the last tank was 16L I drained in 90km of country riding. :shock:

    I wasn't speeding, just crusing.... I usualy get 200ish out of a tank. The TT has had its 40,000 Km service recently and I'm losing weight so my fuel economy should be getting better not worse...

  2. so you were getting 5km to the litre. something is very wrong there, did it bounce back to a range of 200 after you got a different tank of fuel?

    what brand of fuel were you using?
  3. In this country oil companies do not have to release the exact formulas for making up the petrol mixtures. Benzene is the lowest cost aromatic additive available to bump up octane.
  4. I find I get about 30-50kms per tank less on mobil fuel than shell so there's certainly someting off going on.
  5. Correct. In fact there have been several aviation accidents involving aircraft engines that are fully certified to run on 'Mogas' (car fuel) in Australia because the fuel they were certified for by their US manufacturers meets US or EU standards, and ours only meet our own very loose standards. The accidents were due to either vapor locking, or carburettor icing caused by an unacceptably high absorbed water content. Car fuel in Australia is what the manufacturers feel like providing at the time, further complicated by blending and aduteration by the distributors.
  6. Shell Optimax 235 till I hit the reserve
    Ampol Gold 235 till I hit the reserve
    BP Primum 235 till I hit the reserve

    7 year old Vtwin... looks like the petrol doesn't effect the range that much
  7. Maybe one day the government will step in and stop letting the fuel companies run this country.
  8. I switched stations and brands from Caltex PULP (90km 2 tanks), to BP Pulp (180km 3 tanks). Tired standard unleaded from both with very drastic differences in range. As far as I'm concerned their both prety average... The range jumped back to 180Km but still thats pretty crap I should have 220 to 250km range.

    The bike semes to be running fine... Possibly a little rich since the service..no masses of soot or two foot flames while down shifting into corners...
  9. You mean Parallel Twin :grin:
  10. Ward_4e,

    Have you tried various brands ( EG Shell, Mobil, BP...etc..?)

    Sorry, it sounds like a silly question, but I am possibly moving to Tassie in the next few weeks, and this has me concerned! My bike isn't known for its' economy as it is!! :)
  11. You mean Parallel Twin :grin:-(/quote]

    Sorry my Bad... P Twin :p
  12. There seem to be two issues getting confused in this thread.

    1. Performance differences between manufacturers

    2. A tank of 'bad' fuel

    Personally I don't find much difference in mileage or performance of my R1150R with different brand of fuel, but twice in the last few years (in my car) I have had a tank of fuel so bad that I have had to part drain it and mix it with a fresh batch from another servo to get even half decent performance. I believe that this was probably due to poor storage and a high water content, but I don't really know. Who else has had a really 'bad' tank of fuel?
  13. Moving south... I hope you like winter!!! Let me be the first and say (preemptive) welcome to tazzie! There are some great roads to ride... but some really crap fuel stations.

    This coming weekend if it hasnt cleared up I'll wash and oil the K&N, flush the tank grab some injector cleaner and some PULP. I may even buy one of these off ebay: 7764775510

    hydrostatic fuel filter... sounds like just the thing to weed out the crap form the petrol we have to buy here in Tas.
  14. Different blends of fuel sold under the same brand will give different results, and seeing as you cant be in the know as to what exact blend your getting at any particular time then you may get performance & economy differences even by buying the same branded fuel,
    it’s a real disgrace that some people pay lots of money for a high performance vehicle/bike and they have to play Russian roulette with the fuel they put in it.
  15. I have heard from a good source, that the caltex/woolworths branded petrol is imported and when tested shows higher levels of methonol in it compared to the local proper caltex fuel. i find i only use BP, Shell mostly, but will use mobil and caltex regular band fuel. I find if i use woolworths or even the 7 eleven brad fuel stops my fuel ecnomy rises from about 5.3L/100km to about 6.2 L/100km. on a $ per 100km rating BP 98 then shell 98 are the best.
  16. I get consistently 24x kays out of fuel from any bp or shell servo. When i say mobil, I mean a certain mobil I filled up at a few times because it's close to home which i've gotten 200 or even 190kays out of a tank on. Suggests it's probably something unique to that servo.

    Wasn't trying to make a blanket proof, just a single example of mileage being unusual.
  17. i just stick to Shell Optimax or BP Ultimate
    tried that new Shell Extreme stuff - its good you can get better throttle response but i hear its bad stuff for jap engines so im back to the normal stuff now.
  18. Mobil or BP 98 are the good (reliable) fuels - at least in Melbourne. You still want to find a reliable petrol station - as any shop owner could be home brewing some junk or have crap leaking tanks.

    One of the games played to hit octane ratings was to force gas into the liquid petrol. This only works if you keep it under pressure, otherwise its like opening a can of soft drink - all the gas comes out. Shell has been known to do this, beyond all the other secret herbs and spices they chuck in their fuel.

    Be careful with Shell optimax - it has a very short shelf life so you want to be using it very quickly and buying it just after the station has been filled up. Once past this its known to result in burnt valves on 4 strokes and gummed up carbs on carb vehicles. The gixxer will never taste it, thats for sure.
  19. For what it is worth, i fill at same station always (BP Ultimate) and fill at 300km off the oddometer for 13 litres. this is on a 2002 zzr250
  20. At 90 k's to the tank, I'd say something is really amiss here.

    The biggist difference I get is between Shell stnd (220 kms) and BP 95 (265 kms), which is around 20%. Even then I wonder how full I got the two examples.

    I'd suggest the major part of your problem is one of two things. Either:

    The servos you are buying from have inconsistencies in their fuel, or
    There is a tuning problem with your bike. This may not neccessarly be mixer, but may be ignition advance or a combination of the two. An inconsitent vacuum leak or leak short may also produce similar results.

    The petrol may be contributing, but it's not a major part of the story.