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can motorbike ride on BUS ONLY lane?(sydney)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by alwayseric, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. if tomorrow weather is ok, i will ride bike to work for the very first time since i got a job in the city (market street). i found a free motorbike and scooter parking place near the crossing of druitt street and susses street. there is ONE bus lane where the bus i take to work goes to get off the anzecc bridge.

    my question is if i can ride on that bus lane and exit anzac bridge? cause the parking lots just on the left side of the lane exit. otherwise, if i ride on "public" lane, i have to make a round. and even worse, sussex stree is one way on that part. i dont know if i can make right turn at that triffic light into the parking space.

    i saw a police car stopped there another day. thanks.
  2. I thought that lane was a regular bus lane.

    If i am wrong, the technically no; only buses can go in a bus ONLY lane.

    Regular bus lane however, taxis, bicycles, hire cars, buses, motorbikes and emergency vehicles can use them.

    Oh, and another thing, if it is pretty much the only lane on the road and you end up at a set of lights, more than likely you will not be able to trigger the lights to change because they are calibrated for buses. Also, bus drivers hate it when you use their lane, but **** them.

    Po-Po on the anzac are usually just getting speeders anyway.
  3. I can use Bus only lanes in my Limo :D oh happy days
  4. surely you could get away with only using the bus lane to exit the road
  5. Bus lane yes, bus only no.

    The one heading into town on he Anzac is a bus lane IIRC but check signs.
  6. I also just want to make sure, the bus lane throughout Parramatta Rd is accessible for motorcycles too?
  7. I'm not sure about the one on Parra rd but the one off the Anzac bridge is a normal bus lane so you are allowed to ride there.
  8. I used to be a taxi/lomo driver in Sydney ah the good old days, RIP John the Frenchman
  9. i found a post on another forum, someone reminded others of not turning left on sussex street (no left turn allowed). so i assumed we could ride on that lane. it is what i did this morning. yes, it is a 24hours bus lane, not bus ONLY lane. i turned left on kent street then market street then back to sussex.

    also today for the first time, i wore the MX-5 boots bought half year ago.
  10. Fuck, it can't be more simple can it, if the road is marked "bus lane", then use it.
    If it is marked "bus only" then don't use it, or use it if you wish, and if you get a fine, then cop it on the chin, and don't complain in a post about it....
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