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Can Men and Women Just Be Friends

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. An interesting clip, with honest answers for a change....

  2. Answer to thread title: no. Due to biological differences between the sexes, it's virtually impossible.
  3. This topic always amuses me. Aside from the fact the question is clearly moot when you factor in the existence of gays the corollary is that if you're straight and don't find someone of the opposite sex sexually attractive then you can't find them to be friend material. And that Bi people are incapable of having friends.

    It fails under any actual analysis but persists :p
  4. Of course they can, but they both have to want to be friends. BOTH, not just one or the other.

    My wife is my best friend.
  5. My answer to the thread title, based on personal experience, is yes in a general sense but not in all specific cases.
  6. The top comment on the vid was my immediate thought...this interviewer included only young attractive women in the video, and they all said yes.

    Now, Id like to see a more thorough and random selection of answers, but my thought is that young, attractive women have the most to gain and little or nothing to lose by upholding this idea. Men as friends will always be useful to them, and if the guy wants to be physical with her then its a parasitic relationship.

    Past age 20 I moved away from this mindset and eventually did not bother maintaining any friendships like this. I have women friends that I am not attracted to, but I dont feel any particular need to hang out with them too often.

    I think a mans strength is a reduced reliance on social interactions, and as a result, greater mental and physical independance, generally speaking.

    It has benefits and drawbacks, though, I have to say I would not want to be a woman with women friends.
  7. Sure they can, to say the cannot means you as a man are physically attracted to any and every piece of woman that dangles in front of you. I've worked with and befriended girls that I'd never hook up with. Just no attraction plain and simple. We could be sloshed, and I'd be like helllzzz no.
  8. i wonder how it would pan out if your asking 50 year olds ..........................
  9. Some regulation hotties in that vid, i approve.

    But once more it just goes to prove that women are always wrong and that it takes a man in their life to convince them of the right path... just saying...

    Wait, women in a library? Who has been teaching them how to read!
  10. Look at the body language and eyes of the women at the start. They're bullshitting.
  11. Could be that theyre on camera permanently too....since the video has 4.5 million views, I reckon some of the guys being referred to by the women in the video have seen this.
  12. It's funny cause it's soo true, I'm always one of the nice guy friends that constantly hears the complaints from women "where are all the nice guys"
  13. Well to be fair, that's often the result of confusing a complete lack of assertiveness for 'nice'. :angel:

    (yes yes, not always.)
  14. +1 agree, I have quite a few female friends one of my 'besties' I have known for some 10 or more years ! One or two of them I have tried to mutually take things further with and be well for a better word declined...

    Having a good friend of the opposite sex can very often be confused or even be looked down upon by some people. I've found this out the hard way also in a few cases. People can be very judgmental creatures sometimes.
  15. Can men and women be friends. Yes, but it's not the norm. There are a number of pressures an any genuine friendship, and many other relationships are not a genuine friendship because one party wants to party with the other party and their motives for hanging around have more to do with party than friendship. Quite often the other party is well aware of this and using the party party mercilessly. That isn't what I'd call a friendship.
  16. I get what your saying... I think: but could you of worded this in a MORE confusing way, pls?
  17. As an side to this, the checking of booty does not imply sexual attraction, and an "accidental" brushing of one's hand does not take things past a friendship.

    All these postulations are well and good but they become null and void the second you walk in to any school of engineering building. The fact is that there will often be some level of attraction and when there is both know it but it has no bearing whatsoever on your friendship unless one of you developes a proper crush for the other.