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Can I use this Fender Eliminator in AU - UPDATED with PICS

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Omarko, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. hi guys

    I would like to get this fender eliminator for my CBR600RR '08 :


    Where can I find out if this is legal in AU ?

    Alternatively, can someone recommend me different model I can easily obtain in AU for about same price ($250 AUD) ?


    EDIT: SEE PAGE 3 of the thread for post with PICS of an installed Fender eliminator I ended up doing.
  2. No it's not legal, and neither are any of the others according to the rule books!

    If you want an eliminater, you're gonna have to accept that you can get busted for having it on and go on with life, happy in the knowledge that the likelyhood of that actually happening is slim. :grin:
  3. thanks for quick reply ...

    so the one I linked up is no good ?

    hmm ... my colleague has similar one on his R6 and he says its ok ...

    the one you pictured does not help much ... still has a lot of "stuff" ... :(
  4. "STUFF??"

    Like what, indicators and a plate light?
  5. yeah, like the indicator light and the side bits are still there sticking out ...

    I was trying to eliminate those as well :(
  6. It is my understanding that although the one above has a plate light, it is still not legal and may render the bike unroadworthy as well?!? I'll need clarification on this, but I believe the fender/mud-guard has to come down as low as 45degrees of the centre of the axle.

    But don't hold me to this!!! :cool:

  7. Would you like to put a wager on that...........?

    Illegal also!
  8. Still, they look so much better then the stock standard plastic fantastics! :LOL:
  9. :) I know its illegal as is any but you'd struggle to find a cop that wouldn't think that was stock standard.
  10. I ended up ordering the fender eliminator from CBR Heaven USA

    I'll update this post with photos once I install it ...

  11. the cops are going to hassle you to no end, the number plate is illegally mounted

  12. Agree - needs to be 45 degrees.
    They are cracking down on this in Brisbane - they measure the angle and if it is less than 45 degrees, 1 point and fine.
  13. Spot on there Pooh :wink:

    The number of eliminators in Vic are huge, and I have never heard of anyone who has had a problem down here.
    But a spade is a spade and it is illegal

    What you need to ask is what are the laws in NSW, as other states do not apply to you.
  14. can you please tell me if your input is based on personal experience or opinion?

  15. read this; this is part of the Australian ADRs for motorcycles....


    FEs may be legal to sell, but they are not legal to use in any state or territory of they fall outside (or inside :LOL:) these regulations....
  16. based on another members on heres experience, the number plate needs to be able to be veiwed form a certain angle, the member got done for it, not sure on the members username but was on an r6, where the number plate has to be mounted on that has it angled forwards which will obstruct the veiw
  17. James, think he must have had the plate bolted deep underneath the tail instead toward the rear, or may have bent the plate flat!?! I for one have had mine like this for a very long time and never been pulled over!

    If anyone is worried, maybe place a netrider/dealer frame around it, so it looks more like a factory or store conversion.

    Seems to work for me! :grin:
  18. Police roadblock on Mount Glorious last weekend (Brisbane) : They were breath testing and one cop was walking around with a giant 45 degree "set square" triangle to measure just this. Thought QLD guys should know.
  19. Not long now till VIC police figure out they can make some dosh of this gig as well!!! :cry: