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Can I use standard Car Coolant in a Motorbike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by colin_hanley, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, I am a new bike rider (couple of months) and am riding a Honda GPX250. It has a fluid cooling system and I noticed on the way to work it was overheating and the temperature gauge was very high.

    I am just wondering if I can put coolant I have for my car in the radiator, or do motorbikes require specific coolant ?

    Also would it be OK to put water in the radiator until I can get coolant ?
  2. Coolant is coolant. Water will only serve to dilute the coolant you have in there now. If you can't get to a shop to buy some, pay through the nose for some at a servo. Better than stuffing your engine.

    If you have the mechanical ability, I'd drop all the coolant out of your system and start fresh for the hot weather that's coming.
  3. A what????? :?: :?: :cheeky:

    Is it a Kawasaki GPX 250
  4. Thanks for that, yeh sorry its a kawasaki GPX250........told you I was a learner !!
  5. How do you know it "overheats" ?

    My bike turns it's fans on at 100 degrees, which is perfectly normal for it to reach if it's left idling or in very very slow moving traffic for a while.
  6. I reckon it was overheating as not only was the temp gauge on max but there was some smoke coming out from the engine, so I'm hoping/praying it was overheating and not something else. I guess if it keeps happening after I put in the coolant then it is probably another problem.
  7. Yeah mate. You can'y improve your performance by making it a Honda! :p
  8. Checked your oil lately?
  9. i was asking this very question last night.. so good to know.

    i think my bike needs more coolant, because it feels hot on my legs as i'm riding.. and the fan doesn't turn off straight away when i park it when i get home. :-k
  10. Jesus! Sounds like more than coolant!! Sounds like flush and service time! Any thermostat issues?? I had a GPX that overheated due to a stuffed thermo

    Same with my bike, fan kicks in about 107-108.
  11. Yeh, maybe it is time for a service. I'll put some coolant in before I leave and if it is still giving problems on the way home or over the next few days I'll have to drop it in.
  12. some bikes are naturally 'hotter' than others. my hornet for example, if i'm stationary at lights or in heavy traffic it sits about 3/4 of the way on the temp gauge, and I can feel the heat coming off the engine. But it's perfectly normal according to other horneteers.

    I'd still get it serviced just to be sure though!
  13. Thanks for the advice guys.
  14. i use tecaloy 50/50
    gpx is recommended to use 50/50 by factory.
    to flush u need to pull all the fairing as the radiator cap is blocked by the top fairing
  15. I'll try that, do you know how much (on average) ml of 50/50 mix I should put in to the GPX250. I obviously don't want to put in too much or too little.
  16. to just top up, there is a reservoir on the left side of the seat. there will be a top mark. you can have a peek if you remove the seat
  17. Very important Do NOT mix coolants Mixing different brands types can cause catastrophic damage to your radiator at the very least.

    If you dont know what is in there previously, drain and flush the whole system before you fill. If your not sure just use plan old water to top up, its the safest.

    You used to be able to mix green / green - red / red etc but no longer the different makers have changed the mixes, to make you only buy X and cant mix with anyone else's.