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Can I use my riding gear for Skiing?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wallyt99, May 13, 2008.

  1. Well....you may call me a supremo tight @!#$.....

    But, I am going to the snow this winter....I've only been a couple of times, but I am wondering, can I use my Riding gear for Skiing?

    I have lined Dri-rider pants....don't think they are cordura but they are 'waterproof'.

    I also have a cordura jacket which also claims to be 'waterproof'

    I figure, if I have waterproof gear already, why rent some....but I don't know how waterproof is really waterproof. Anyone tried it?
  2. Unless you have ultra warm winter gear it wouldn't be warm enough. Waterproof... no its more like water resistant.
  3. I've often wondered the same thing, and I reckon it'd be ok if It's good stuff.

    Not sure if snow gear is any more waterproof than bike gear is it? Idea is to stay on top of the snow anyway.

    I reckon my Dririder Summit pants would be fine, cos I sweat in them even on the coldest of days. Might have to give 'em a burl next time i'm at the snow!
  4. When I used to have to wear "serious" winter gear, I could barely move in it, let alone perform any physical activity like skiing. Even getting through doorways presented a challenge :grin: .

    Mind you, I was never going to die in a snowdrift as car drivers had a distressing tendency to do. If you're dressed adequately to ride in sub-zero temps, you're wearing a pretty good winter survival suit if you get stuck or break down. After all, it gets warmer when you stop :grin: .
  5. Only costs $60 to hire jacket and pants.

    Do you wear your wet suit to work ,just add a tie. :wink:
  6. Supremo Tight? yes!
    Doable? yes!
    Comfort factor? 3
    Style points? 10 (unless you go up on retro day)

    It's all about how you look not how you ride ;)

    Probably not the waterproofing that will come into the equation. If there's a storm and it rains heavily, an hour outdoors and you're gonna get wet no matter what you're wearing. (with exception of some expedition type gear)

    Once you get moving on your skis/board though you'll get warm pretty quickly then the problem of breathable fabrics come into consideration. Ski gear is not only waterproof but also highly breathable (not sure about bike gear) and yes the armour, weight and thickness of bike gear will restrict movement.

    Advantages: if you stack it won't hurt as much since you will have shoulder, elbow, back padding. You will be toasty on the chair lift, unless you sweat heaps. Chair lifts are usually windy, and wind on sweaty clothes...

    One final thing definitely reconsider if you plan to go for more than 2 days, as the last time i got caught in the rain with my bike gear it took my Jacket 3 days to dry out proper. Snow gear will dry out a little faster even the rental stuff.
  7. Ive had my present Dri rider jacket for 8 years. Ive done a season in St Anton, Austria with it, skiing virtually everyday for 4 months and skied last 8 seasons at Mt Hotham with it. Doing 20+ days most seasons. Then I ride with it all rest of the year. Works a treat :grin: I couldnt praise these jackets enough :dance:
    Pants wise are same material so Im sure they will be fine.
    Previous dri rider,lasted me about 10 years of trail/road riding, and skiing
    If anything, on a sunny day, just like riding, :-k probably more actually,you will sweat like a pig

    I have heard the newer dri riders have had some quality issues though. Im not sure :?: I put up a thread about this yesterday, but some mod in their infinite wisdom deleted it :?
  8. Was going to reply to that thread but it was gone before I had a chance. I bought my gf a dri rider jacket about 10 months ago and on the first wear one of the press studs on the sleeve cuff came right off. I also have one, mines a bit older though and the same thing occurred to mine. Oh and I suspect your thread was pulled because the subject was in all caps :)

    Sorry to thread hijack :grin:
  9. I usually go snowboarding in some decent pants I bought one season, and a Billabond reversible jacket. It'll get wet if you soak it, but holds up very well to snow.

    I'd say bike gear is fine - only thing I'd be inclined to do is take the inserts out and save the protection for when you're on your bike. Also, you'll have a less-restricted range of movement.

    Cheers - boingk
  10. Yes you can definitely use wet weather gear for skiing. Bought a pair of dri-rider waterproof pants for riding 5-6 years, I don't really like wearing them when riding though cause they're bulky. But they make great ski pants and have the right padding in the right places :LOL:
  11. was just thinking about this...my gf is using my pair of snow gloves which are leather also...so im thinking of using my dri rider gloves. don't see why they would be much different. although upon closer inspection, the snow gloves look a lot more sealed. theres less stitching so im assuming itd be much more waterproof especially around the palm area as opposed to the riding gloves.

    anyone else used riding gloves in the snow before? how do they go? wetter than snow gloves? colder? hotter?
  12. I've used bike gloves at the snow before and they held up better than my ski gloves. Waterproofing was better and the leather on the finger tips was far more abrasion resistant than whatever was on the ski ones.

    Bike gloves were comfortable, worn in and a great fit. The only problem i had was that I was snowboarding and touched down my fingertips in a icy patch which sliced the leather up a bit. I don't know what model the gloves were but I think they were by RJays.