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Can-I Shorty Can??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Just wondering...
    Looking at getting another pipe for the spada... not wanting anything that even LOOKs stock, so im after something different...

    -Can i get a pipe from the wreckers/ebay, lets say from a 600/1000cc, and cut it down, maybe in half to make a shorty can?

    -Would it still provide enough exhaust processing, without losing power, or damaging the engine?

    -Would a race can or a standard can be a good idea?

    I have got a custom set of headers already, with no collection chamber. Those who arnet aware, this box sits under the bike, allowing a two into one system. I've scrapped this box, so the pipes simply join and come into one. Im also toying around with some other ideas to increase air intake via pod filters on the other end...
  2. I think you can get away with a chopped pipe. You might need to look at rejetting and tuning your carbs if it roots the ride too badly, but that's not the end of the world. N*A*M has a funny little stubby pipe on his CBR6 stunta with his initials drilled into it, it's basically just a short metal tube. That bike doesn't fuel so well but it still goes hard.
  3. I will get it rejetted and tuned later on, but im still worried about the rings getting hot becouse it doesnt process the hot fumes correctly...
    So, in the end, standard 600 pipe or race can? Not too worried about noise level, but some note would be nice...
  4. Whatever you find cheap! As for the hot ring issue, I find aloe vera on the bogroll soothes after a good combat-grade vindaloo.
  5. The biggest problem you'll have is 'changed' power characteristics due to removing a lot of the back pressure that was there. Whether power/torque goes up or down and at what point in the rev range depends on the bike.

    The diameter of standard 600 cans would look far too big for the spada I reckon. An aftermarket would be better just due to the smaller diameter.

    Some standard cans are a pain to shorten as they use staggered baffles, where as most aftermarket baffles are straight also.
  6. Dont worry, it wont be a very standard looking spud... check out the garage... its not even close to being done yet, but will get moving as soon as the hand heals...
  7. If you're not concerned about the dimater of the can, perhaps you should look for a standard priller RSV pipe! :LOL:
  8. yeah, if i want something that looks like an apocolyptic pulse cannon hanging of the back of the bike.....